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Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Society

The Queen’s Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Society, founded in 2010, is a student-founded and student-run society that offers students a unique opportunity to engage with other students with an interest in these three interrelated disciplines. Members are by no means limited to those taking the PPE degree. We are both an academic and a social society. We put on annual social events, and regularly co-operate with the other societies in the School, for example in the organising of the School Formal. Further, we aim to provide a space for students to gain information about what opportunities they can avail of after their time at Queen's, and thus provide a space where students, staff members, and potential employers a forum for engagement and networking. 

Another aim we have as a society is to provide students with an access to academic content that goes beyond what is studied in modules, and further, to make this content available as widely as possible. Some of the talks we have held can be accessed on YouTube: 

Dr Andrew Baker - 'What Kind of Crisis?' Four Underlying Problems of Anglo Liberal Capitalism and their Implications for Northern Ireland

Dr John Barry - Economics as Myth, Economics as Power: Why Modern Economics Has Failed and How to Fix It

Dr Dan Bulley - Occupy Everything? Resistance and Hospitality in Occupy London

To keep up to date with what we’re doing, you can follow us on Twitter,' Like’ us on Facebook, or check out our YouTube channel:

Alternatively - if you have any questions or if you'd like to get involved in any way, you can email us at

The PPE Society Executive for the academic year 2014-15 is as follows:

  • President: Aisha Sobey
  • Vice-President: Aaron Beasant 
  • Secretary: Gill McCausland 
  • Treasurer: Freya-Anne Robertson 
  • Public Relations Officer: Emma Chadwick
  • 1st Year Representative: TBD
  • 2nd Year Representative: Emma O'Kane
  • 3rd Year Representative: TBD