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What students think about our teaching in Politics and Philosophy

Every semester students are asked to evaluate the modules they have taken.  These evaluations show very positive student experience of our modules.  Overall satisfaction is very high with over 80% of the modules receiving ratings of ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by 75% of students or more.  Indeed, the most recent evaluations show a significant increase in the number of modules rated good or excellent by 100% of students.


"Challenging: opened up new ideas"

 "the lecturer has been brilliant ... satisfies our academic needs"

 "the teachers obviously were experts in making the link between case studies and more general concepts"

"Fantastic lecturer who made the subject interesting and illuminating"

"the lecturers were passionate and presented interesting arguments.  Good use was made of ICT: Youtube, photos etc."

"intellectually stimulating, interesting discussion, horizon broadening"

"lecturers were engaged and enthusiastic about the areas they taught in"

"lecturers and tutors were helpful and approachable"


Students rate our modules as being highly challenging and stimulating, and last semester 95% of the modules were rated as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ for being challenging by over 75% of students.  Students also highlight that our modules are well organised with clearly stated aims that are consistently met at a high standard.