Friends and foes

Friends and Foes

Multi-disciplinary Postgraduate Conference
Queen’s University Belfast
16th-17th November 2007

Plenary Speakers

Dr Mark Vernon (Journalist/Author)

Professor James McEvoy (School of PISP, QUB)

Malachi O’Doherty

History and life are filled with stories of friendship and conflict, either in the realm of personal interaction or political engagements. But despite its centrality to our lives, friendship has often been overlooked as a field of study and academic enquiry. However, as debates about the nature of the good life and human well-being return to the fore as an attempt to find common ground – and common good – in an age of uncertainty, interest in the nature, importance and challenges of friendship is beginning to flourish.  This conference brings together philosophers, psychologists, political theorists, social scientists and students of literature to examine the relationship between friendship and conflict, in personal, social and political contexts.


Conference Programme

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