2007 Modules

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Modules for the 2006-07 academic year can be found here .

Level 1

Students intending to take Politics in any Honours programme except the LLB with Politics must take one and may take any two modules. Students intending to take the LLB with Politics must enrol for any two modules.

Level 2 and Level 3

After Level 1, Politics may be studied as a BA Single Honours (12 modules), Major (8), Joint (6) or Minor (4) subject, as a BSc(Econ) Minor (4 modules) subject, as an LLB with politics (4 modules) subject, or as a BSc Combined Honours (6 modules) subject. Students select the appropriate number of modules from the module list. Different combinations of modules are required depending on the kind of degree undertaken. The Pathway Guide will help you to work out the range of choices to be selected.

Semester one 2007-08 Level One modules 

Semester two 2007-08 Level One modules 

Semester one 2007-08 Level Two modules 

Semester two 2007-08 Level Two modules 

Semester one 2007-08 Level Three modules 

 Semester two 2007-08 Level Three modules 

Other Undergraduate modules

Modules for the 2006-07 academic year can be found here .