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Seminar Series Podcasts

Dr John Barry (QUB), After the Party, the Hangover: An Analysis of ‘Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland’ in the Light of the February 2011 Election, March 2011 Australian Senate Ocassional Lecture

Dr Neil Robinson (Limerick), Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space, March 2010

Dr Dan Bulley (QUB), The Human and the Home in International Ethics, February 2010

Dr Luis Lobo-Guerrero (Keele) and Dr Debbie Lisle (QUB), Biopolitics and Security Panel, December 2009

Dr Cillian McBride (QUB), 'The Recognition We Deserve', December 2009

Professor Kimberly Hutchings (LSE), 'Politics Beyond Violence? Derrida contra Agamben', 1 December 2009

Dr Marie Breen-Smyth (Aberystwyth), Re-Imagining Hillyard's “Suspect Community”: Identifying the Source and Risk of Violent Attack. 19 November 2009

Professor Andrew Linklater (Aberystwyth),  ‘The Problem of Harm in World Politics’ 30 October 2009