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MA in Politics

Pathway Diagram for MA Politics

The Convenor for this degree is Dr Keith Breen who may be contacted for further information


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The MA Politics offers a flexible MA degree, the main distinguishing feature of which is that the student can choose a mix of courses to suit their academic interests and/or future career or study plans.  The programme aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the field of Politics, offering students a broad range of modules by which to achieve this end. The MA Politics is characterised by flexibility and choice for students in that, apart from 2 compulsory modules: Approaches to Social Science and the Dissertation, they are free to take their three modules from the other MA Pathways within the School. In this way, the content of the MA Politics is determined by the student’s own choices.


Northern Ireland mural in East Belfast




The MA Politics thus enables students to choose their own focus – theoretical/normative, international relations; Northern Ireland/Irish politics; comparative politics or a mix of these.  One of the advantages of doing the MA Politics is that it enables students to get a feel for particular sub-disciplines, issues and approaches within the study of Politics without committing themselves to one particular approach or topic.