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BA in Politics


Fact File


Degree Awarded:  BA

Duration: 3 years

Entry requirement: ABB

Tuition Fees: Relevant details concerning tuition fees are provided here.


Further information:  The Convenor for this degree is Dr John Barry,  who may be contacted for further information.   

Pathway diagram for BA Politics: follow this link for information on the structure of the degree pathway  




Barack Obama

The BA in Politics is a three year programme that focuses on the crucial social and political debates of the day. The programme is specifically designed to be informative, intellectually stimulating and rewarding, whatever your specific interest in politics may be. Modules are thus provided on a wide range of fascinating themes ranging from the local (British politics, Northern Ireland politics, Republic of Ireland politics), to the European (contemporary European politics, the social and political features of Europe) to the wider international scene (US politics, World politics, the politics of conflict management in various deeply divided societies).


Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness

As well as providing students with a cutting-edge appreciation of, and interpretation of, the political world in all its guises, the programme pays serious attention to equipping students with a range of key skills that will prove invaluable to them when they seek employment (either in the public or private sector). To this end, the teaching in our modules seeks to develop students’ communication skills (both written and oral). Our aim is to skill students in the art of distilling the crucial elements from a large amount of information, enabling them to communicate those key elements clearly and cogently. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of honing such skills is by completing a final year dissertation. Under the close mentorship of one of the wide range of academic experts in the School, students complete an extended analysis of a political project of their own choice.