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Europeanisation Papers

The Queen's Papers on Europeanisation contribute to the theoretical development and empirical exploration of 'Europeanisation' in a way that straddles disciplines and facilitates a dialogue between contending perspectives.

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Queen's Papers on Europeanisation are included in the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA). ERPA provides a joint access point for high quality papers on European Integration and offers full text search options.

The Journal receives a monthly average of 200 visitors with 90 articles being downloaded. Since its start in 2000, about 5.000 articles were downloaded. Top visiting countries are the UK and US, but our audience is spread over Canada, Germany, Japan, and other countries.

The ISSN number for Queen's Papers on Europeanisation is 1477-1861.

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Submission Comments on published papers are welcome. Comments should be sent via email to the Executive Editor Dr Andrew Baker . The submitted comment should be attached to the email as a single text file in one of the major word processors (preferably Word). If necessary, formal improvements will be discussed with the author before inclusion of the comment on the website.

If you would like to be informed of future additions to the series please email Dr Andrew Baker .
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For access to the published papers, please look at the  index .