School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy

Research Centres

Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics

Director: Prof Yvonne Galligan

We aim to foster an appreciation of women's contribution to politics, government and public decision making in the UK and Ireland.

We consider women's political participation as having two important dimensions - the proportion of women in decision making and the inclusion of women's perspectives in government policies and programmes.

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Centre for Ethics

Director: Dr Tom Walker

Providing education and training in applied ethics

The Centre for Ethics was established within the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy in September 2012. The main focus of the Centre’s activities is in the areas of medical ethics, professional ethics, research ethics, business ethics, and applied ethics more generally.

Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Governance

Director: Prof John Barry

Drawing on politics, management, law and sociology to analyse and propose solutions to the challenge of the transition to sustainability.

Along with scientific and technological innovation, issues of governance, policy, politics and management will continue to be central to the analysis of current unsustainable trends and practices and vital components of the social, cultural, political, economic and organisational innovations required for the creation of a less unsustainable society

Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict

Director: Dr Timofey Agarin

promoting research on societies that are or have been deeply divided

The focus of Centre's work is on the social and political origins of ethnic conflict, policy instruments of conflict prevention, post conflict reconciliation and peace building, and on comparative analyses of intergroup conflicts across the globe.

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