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Brennan, Sean

Seán Brennan BA(Hons) MA University of Ulster

Thesis Working Title: Ulster’s Uncertain Menders? Ulster Loyalism and the politics of Peacebuilding, Development and Security in Northern Ireland: a study of the South East Antrim UDA & PEACE lll

Research will investigate whether PEACE lll is reconciling the South East Antrim UDA with other PUL and CNR communities by ‘building positive relations at the local level’. Research will explore the impact reconciliation is having on the South East Antrim UDA who are geographically located within the Carrickfergus, Antrim and Newtownabbey (CAN) PEACE lll Partnership area. The CAN PEACE lll partnership is tasked with delivering Measure 1.1. ‘building positive relations at the local level’ for the Special European Union Programmes Body (SEUPB) PEACE lll programme, Priority 1: Reconciling Communities. To explore the impact PEACE lll is having on this former combatant group research will attempt, qualitatively, to assess how the CAN PEACE lll Partnership is developing and sustaining positive relations at the local level for the South East Antrim UDA, as part of the local stabilization of the Peace Process: and, it will also ask whether the PEACE lll programme is assisting sustainable conflict transformation and aiding the reconciliation and integration of the South East Antrim UDA into a shared society at the local level.

Supervisors: Dr. Margaret O’Callaghan, Prof. Peter Shirlow.