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Andrew Charles

(BA (MM) Hons (2006), MRes Social Research Methods (2009), Queen's University, Belfast)



Project title: Advancing peace in divided societies


The aim of this project is to assess how peace is being advanced in societies after 'the violence'. This study focuses on Northern Ireland (NI), looking at how the concept of a 'shared' and 'united' community is being advanced in post-violent conflict NI.

This study makes use of documentary analysis along with the analysis of some secondary data and interviews conducted with key stakeholders, including senior politicians', representatives of NGOs and those involved in creating better relations generally.

This study focuses primarily on the creation of circumstances governing peace, including the establishment of a devolved Assembly and the advancement of good relations policy, including 'A Shared Future' (OFMDFM, 2005), the draft Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy (OFMDFM, 2010) and, finally, 'Together: Building a United Community' strategy (OFMDFM, 2013). 


Supervisors: Professor Graham Walker; Lord Professor Paul Bew