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Lucie Louise Coley, PhD Student (BA Kent, MA Kent)


The current working title of my thesis is ‘The emergence of a European adult worker model (AWM). A solution to reconciling economic and social security for women?’  My thesis engages with Nancy Fraser’s framework of perspective dualism (1997)  in analyzing the difficulties and the tensions in articulating gender in the Lisbon strategy. In March 2000 the Lisbon strategy emerged, primarily to give the EU a new goal to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth (European Council 2000).  In order to achieve the EU’s economic objectives the Lisbon strategy sought to target groups which traditionally have been marginalised from employment. These groups include the elderly, the young, the disabled and women. I intend to investigate how the Lisbon strategy includes women into employment as women’s increased labour market participation is a major factor contributing to the Lisbon strategy goal to increase employment rates overall. Moreover women are a strength to EU productivity and competitiveness but in order to maximize this potential, the European Union must take specific measures to facilitate women to access and remain in the labour market. Fraser’s framework of justice provides an excellent base with which to examine the Lisbon strategy in terms of gender injustices which may prevent women from equally entering employment and undermine the economic objectives of the EU.

Areas of Research

My general research interests include EU governance especially the emergence of new forms of governance such as the open method of coordination (OMC), British politics, international political economy and in particular the World Trade Organization and the EU and finally,  the political activity of women in Europe.

Supervisors:  Dr Yvonne Galligan and Dr Andrew Baker