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Jason Foy BA, MA (QUB), MSc (UUJ)

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SupervisorsProfessor Paul Bew


Title: Brian Faulkner: Success or Failure? A Study in Political Leadership

The aim of the research is to examine the political career of Brian Faulkner, the last Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, and assess its successes and failures. A comprehensive assessment of Faulkner’s political career has not been published since Faulkner’s autobiography was published posthumously in 1978.

The research will survey Faulkner’s political career from his election to the Northern Ireland House of Commons in 1949, through his tenure as Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Commerce to his accession to the Premiership in 1971. The research will assess Faulkner’s political influences and actions. It will examine the key events of his Premiership such as the escalation of violence, the introduction of internment and the suspension of the Northern Ireland Parliament and Government. The research will also examine Faulkner’s role in the short-lived power sharing executive. The research will set Faulkner’s political career in context and seek to assess whether his political career and leadership can be judged a success or a failure.