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Jane Leonard PhD Student (BA (Mod) Trinity College Dublin)


Legacies of the Great War in Ireland: Political Constructions and Social Realities.

This study investigates the politics of war commemoration in Ireland since 1914 and contextualises the invocation of the Great War's memory within the Northern Ireland peace process. It explores and analyses the roles and experiences of veterans in the inter-war decades. Central issues within this study are the extent to which veterans in each of the two Irish states constituted a distinct sub-group within the prevailing political systems and the ways in which those communities most affected by the war (survivors and bereaved) expressed solidarity.

Other Current Research Interests

Politics of conflict commemoration in 20th and 21st century Ireland; iconography and typology of Irish war memorials; impact of the Great War on Irish art, cinema and literature; 20th century Irish military history; museum representations of the Irish past; Jewish refugee experience in Northern Ireland, 1938-50; politics of Irish rugby, 1890-1948.

Supervisors:  Professor Paul Bew and Professor Richard English.