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Contemporary Irish Political History

Director of Research Professor Graham Walker

The Contemporary Irish Political History subject area features a wide range of scholarly interests and expertise. It covers political history, political science, political ideas, electoral studies, and policy formation and administration. Active research and publishing is taking place in each of these areas, and it is the aim of the subject area that this will continue in the context of a shared sense of group identity. It is intended that each member of the group is assisted in his/her research objectives by the intellectual support base provided by the subject area, and that opportunities will be created for the positive exchange of ideas and for the development of research projects and strategies.

The Frank Wright Lecture is held annually at the School of PISP, to commemorate former colleague Professor Frank Wright, who died in 1993.  

Professor Graham Walker is also Chair of the  Irish Studies Initiative

Members of the research subject area:

Paul Bew 
Margaret O'Callaghan
Graham Walker
Richard Wilford

Members of staff with a secondary association in the research subject area:

John Barry
Yvonne Galligan
John Garry
Vincent Geoghegan
Adrian Guelke
Cathal McCall
Lee McGowan
Shane O'Neill

Students associated with the research subject area:

  • Jessica Blomkvist
  • Sean Brennan
  • Andrew Charles
  • Joanna Felo
  • Jason Foy
  • Christopher Hazzard
  • Matthew Hunt
  • Jane Leonard
  • Martin McCleery
  • Gareth Thomas Mulvenna 
  • Massimiliano Nastri
  • Connal Parr
  • Briege Rice
  • Robert Smyth
  • Brendan Sturgeon
  • Bethany Therriault 
  • Garry Watson
  • Christine Wilson


Research subject area Events Archive




Professor Eunan O’ Halpin PG workshop

Professor Eunan O' Halpin , Martin McCleery, Massimiliano Nastri, Briege Rice and Matthew Hunt after a graduate workshop on Wednesday , 13 April.



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CIPH Seminars and events semester 1 2010
Guest Speaker Professor Robert Mahony

Guest speaker Professor Robert Mahony is pictured here with Cluster Director Professor Graham Walker

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Professor Joseph Lee of New York University delivered the first Annual QUB Irish Studies Lecture

In May 2008 Professor Joseph Lee of New York University delivered the first Annual QUB Irish Studies Lecture. Above, Professor Lee at Queen's with (left) Professor Richard English and (right) Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Gregson

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1968: Civil Rights Then and Now Conference

Professor Graham Walker and Dr Margaret O’Callaghan are pictured with Dr Simon Prince (centre) of Oxford University, a guest speaker at the conference “1968: Civil Rights Then and Now” organised by the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy in conjunction with the School of Law.

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John Whyte Trust Essay prizer-winners 2008

John Whyte Trust Essay prizer-winners 2008

Professor Tom Garvin of UCD with Cluster Director Professor Graham Walker

2008  John Whyte Trust Essay prize-winners are pictured here with Jean Whyte before the John Whyte Memorial lecture organised by the Cluster.






 John Whyte Memorial lecture was given by Professor Tom Garvin of UCD

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The QUB Annual Irish Studies Lecture 2009

Professor Joep Leerssen

4 March 2009

The Irish Studies International Research Initiative recently held the QUB Annual Irish Studies Lecture which was delivered by Professor Joep Leerssen (University of Amsterdam) on ‘Cultural Transfer By a Commodious Vicus of Recirculation’.

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Between the Strikes: Northern Ireland 1974-81 Conference

Pictured here are some of the speakers at the conference “Between the Strikes: Northern Ireland 1974-81” jointly partly organised by the Cluster.

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Novelist Glen Patterson with Dr Caroline Magennis

27 October 2009

The Cluster recently helped organise an event featuring the acclaimed  novelist Glenn Patterson, pictured here with Dr Caroline Magennis who is a post doctoral fellow

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The Frank Wright Memorial Lecture 18th February 2010

‘Irish Nationalism: Is a World-System View Possible?’

Frank Wright Memorial Lecturer Professor Don Akenson of Queen’s University Ontario is pictured here with Irish Politics Cluster Director, Professor Graham Walker (QUB)  

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