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International Politics and Ethnic Conflict

The International Politics and Ethnic Conflict (IPEC) research subject area reflects the research interests of members of the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, in relation to the discipline of International Relations and the sub-discipline of Comparative Politics in particular relation to ethno-national conflicts. It also encompasses area specialists on the Middle East, Africa and Europe, as well as specialists in security studies, cultural studies, international political economy and international history. The reference in the name of the research subject area to ethnic conflict provides an indication of a special interest in the research subject area in the study of the Politics of Deeply Divided Societies, taking account of the fact of the location of the university in such a society, the research interests of staff and the many PhD students we supervise in this area.

The Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict has provided a focus for this interest in its networking, holding of public lectures etc., as it will do in the future. Aims of the research subject area include the promotion of intellectual co-operation among colleagues in these fields so as to facilitate joined-up thinking on these issues that takes advantage of the diverse interests and expertise within the subject area, as well as the promotion of intellectual exchanges among colleagues to provide a stimulating environment for the development of academic staff, both in collaborative research and in other activities, such as seminars. Colleagues are also involved with the University initiative on Conflict Transformation, Identities and Human Rights. They are editors and on the editorial boards of key journals in the fields of international politics and ethno-national politics as well as other subject areas.

Some IPEC talks are available to download as audio files here

Members of the research subject area:

Stefan Andreasson
Mike Bourne
Dan Bulley     
Ralph Dietl 
Debbie Lisle
Beverley Milton-Edwards
Peter McLoughlin
Ephraim Nimni

Members of staff with a secondary association in the research subject area:

Andrew Baker
Shane O'Neill
David Phinnemore

Research students associated with the subject area: