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Professor John Barry

Professor in Politics
(PhD Glasgow)

Contact Details
Room 023.01.007
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 2546
Curriculum Vitae

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Blog: "Fiddling (taxes and subsidies) while the planet burns and people freeze: the debate about green energy levies

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Teaching Areas

Politics and policy of sustainable development, environmental politics and environmental movements, green moral and political theory and environmental ethics, political economy and the environment, contemporary social and political theory, interdisciplinary research and applied political research, Northern Ireland and Irish politics.

Research Interests

My main interest is in the relationship between moral/political theory and the environment, with particular focus on ecofeminism, the implications of green theory for thinking about justice, and theories of political economy in relation to the environment. A subsidiary interest is in the relationship between science, technology and the environment - particularly views of risk and developments in biotechnology and other technological developments such as wind energy. I also have an interest in Q Methodology as a research approach to the study of complex moral/political issues such as citizenship, sustainability and national identity. A more recent interest is in the political and ethical aspects of reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

Current Research Projects

ESRC funded project (RES-000-22-1095) ‘Renewable Energy and Discourses of Objection’, with Geraint Ellis and Clive Robinson (Environmental Planning, QUB).

ESRC funded project, (RES – 156-25-0033) ‘Regulatory Change in World Financial Markets: The Case of Sarbanes-Oxley’, with Justin O’Brien (PI), Istemi Demirag, Mel Dubnick, Sally Wheeler, Andrew Baker and Stefan Andreasson.

Irish Environmental Protection Agency funded project ‘Action Research on sustainable development indicators: stakeholder participation and indicator development’, with Professor Richard Moles (PI) and Dr. Bernadette O’Regan, Centre for Environmental Research, University of Limerick.

Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Community Waste Innovation Fund, ‘Northern Visions – Identifying priority areas for action and a programme for sustainable resource use in Northern Ireland’, with Envirocentre, Belfast and the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Research Supervision

Green ethical and political theory, the politics and policy of sustainable development, climate change politics, environmental ethics, green political economy and the greening of the economy, normative dimensions of sustainable development, environmental justice, citizenship, democracy and sustainable development, interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable development, republicanism and green politics, vulnerability, resilience and sustainability, social theory and the environment, the transition to a low-carbon energy economy. 

Recent/Selected Publications

  • (2007) Ellis, G., Barry, J. and Robinson, C. ‘'Many ways to say ‘no’, different ways to say ‘yes’: Applying Q-Methodology to understand public acceptance of wind farm proposals’, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 50:4, 517 – 551.  
  • (2007) ‘Towards a Model of Green Political Economy: From Ecological modernisation to Economic Security’, International Journal of Green Economics, 1: 3/4: 446-465.
  • (2006) Barry, J, Environment and Social Theory, 2nd edition, (Routledge).   
  • (2006) Barry, J and Doran, P. ‘Refining Green Political Economy: From Ecological Modernisation to Economic Security and Sufficiency’, Analyse & Kritik, 28: 250-275.
  • (2006) Stephens, P, Barry, J and Dobson, A (eds), Contemporary Environmental Politics (Routledge).
  • (2006), Barry, J, ‘Straw Dogs, Blind Horses and Post-Humanism: The Greening of Gray?’, in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 9:2: 243-263.
  • (2005) Barry, J & Eckersley, R (eds), The Global Ecological Crisis and the Nation-State (MIT Press). 

In Press


  • Barry, J., Ellis, G. and Robinson, C. ‘ Cool Rationalities and Hot Air: A Rhetorical Approach to Understanding Debates on Renewable Energy ’, Global Environmental Politics.
  • Barry, J., and Doran, P.  ‘The Environmental Movement in Ireland: North and South’, in McDonagh, J, Shorthall, S and Varley, T. (eds), . ‘A Living Countryside? The Politics of Sustainable Development in Rural Ireland ’ (Ashgate)           
  • Barry, J and Doran, P ‘Environment Politics and Policy in Ireland ’, in Adshead, M et al (eds), Governance and Public Policy in Ireland(Irish Academic Press).