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Dr Dan Bulley

Senior Lecturer in International Relations
(PhD Warwick)

Contact Details:
Room 026.0G.006
+44 (0)28 90973165

QUB Research Portal (Pure)

Teaching Areas:
My teaching focuses on three areas in particular: theories of, and issues in, International Relations; research methodologies and research design; the interaction of ethics and power relations in international politics, concentrating on issues of responsibility and hospitality in international aid, human rights, refugee camps and global cities.

Research Interests:
My primary research interest is in international ethics, and particularly the interaction of ethics, power and space in practices of international hospitality. This work focuses in particular on how spaces (such as the home, refugee camps, cities, postcolonial states and supranational organisations, particularly the EU) are produced through the welcome they offer to strangers, the attempt to control behaviour and the resistance this generates. I have also conducted research into the practices of hospitality at the London Olympics.  My work in this area is driven by the thought of poststructuralists, particularly Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault. Connected to this central interest in hospitality, I am a co-investigator on an inter-disciplinary ESRC-funded project entitled ‘Treating People as Objects? Ethics, Security and the Governance of Mobility’ (details available: ), with colleagues at Queen’s University Belfast. Previously, I have worked on the ethics of foreign policy, specifically British (1997-2006) and EU (1999-2004) external relations, revealing how their claims to the ethical deconstruct under their own internal logic.

Areas of Research Supervision: 
I am happy to supervise PhDs in international ethics, international security, borders and hospitality, refugee and asylum issues, humanitarian intervention, international aid, human rights, political community, urban politics, poststructural and postcolonial theory.

Recent/Selected Publications:

  • Ethics as Foreign Policy: Britain, the EU and the Other (Routledge, 2009)


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