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Dr Ralph Dietl

Senior Lecturer in European Studies
(History)(Dr.phil. Tübingen)

Contact Details
Room 024.02.003
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 3548

Curriculum Vitae

QUB Research Portal (Pure)

Teaching Areas

Contemporary history; European Integration history; Cold War history and European security.

Research Interests

My primary interest is in diplomatic and international history, especially the history of European integration and transatlantic relations. The main focus of my work is on security and defence aspects of the European Integration process. I am also interested in International Organisations, the Cold War, contemporary European and German history and United States foreign policy.

Recent/Selected Publications

  • Reviewed by Ralph Dietl: James H. Lebovic: Flawed Logics. Strategic Nuclear Arms Control from Truman to Obama, Baltimore / London: The Johns Hopkins University Press 2013, ISBN 978-1-4214-1102-6, GBP 32,00.

  • Ralph Dietl, Equal Security. Europe and the SALT Process, 1969-1976 (Stuttgart: Steiner 2013).
  • Ralph Dietl, ‘European Decision Making? The United States, Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the European Option, 1967-1972’, in Historische Mitteilungen 24 (2011), 43-89 (Special Edition: Nuclear Defense & Nuclear Diplomacy).
  • Ralph Dietl, A Veiled Challenge. Anglo-French Nuclear Co-operation, 1959-1960, H-Diplo, 11 May 2009.
  • Ralph Dietl, Dokumente zur Europäischen Sicherheitspolitik, 1948-1963 (Stuttgart: Steiner, 2009).
  • ‘The WEU: A Europe of the Seven, 1954-1969’,  in: Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 7,4 (2009), 431-452.
  • ‘Transforming NATO: The British Approach to NATO Reform 1960-1963’, in: Cold War Studies [forthcoming]
  • ‘The Genesis of a European Security and Defense Policy, 1948-2008’, in: Klaus Larres (ed), Blackwell Companion: Europe Since 1945 [Oxford: Blackwell, 2009), pp. 323-354]
  • ‘Suez 1956. A European Intervention?’, in: Journal of Contemporary History 43,2 (2008), 259-278 Winner of the Walter Laqueur Prize (2008)
  • Emanzipation und Kontrolle. Europa in der westlichen Sicherheitspolitik 1948-1963. Eine Innenansicht des westlichen Bündnisses. Band II: Europa 1958-1963: Ordnungsfaktor oder Akteur? (HMRG Beihefte 67), Stuttgart 2007
  • Emanzipation und Kontrolle. Europa in der westlichen Sicherheitspolitik 1948-1963.Bd. 1: Der Ordnungsfaktor Europa 1948-1958, Stuttgart 2006.
  • 'In Defence of the West: General Lauris Norstad, NATO Nuclear Forces and Transatlantic Relations, 1956-1963', in: Diplomacy & Statecraft 17,2 (Spring 2006), 347-392
  • Towards a European Third Force?. Reflections on the European Political and Security Co-operation, 1958-1964, in: Christian Nünlist/Anna Locher (eds.), Transatlantic Relations at Stake: Aspects of NATO 1956-1972, (Zürich: ETH 2006), 23-50
  • ‘Wir müssen Kernwaffen produzieren’. Adenauer und die deutsch-französische Nuklearkooperation, 1956-1963, in Klaus Schwabe (ed), Konrad Adenauer und Frankreich 1949-1963 (=Rhöndorfer Gespräche, Bd. 21), Bonn 2005, 40-64 
  • '"Sole Master of the Western Nuclear Strength"? The United States, Western Europe and the Elusiveness of a European Defence Identity 1959-1964', in Wilfried Loth, Europe, Cold War and Co-existence, 1953-1965 (London: Frank Cass, 2004).
  • ‘Beyond Deterrence: NATO, Western Europe and Nuclear Diplomacy’, in Karl L. Kleve (ed), Cold War, Military Power and the Civilian Society, Bodø 2003, pp.81-98
  • ‘‘Une déception amoureuse’?. Great Britain, the Continent and European Nuclear Cooperation, 1954-1957’, in Cold War History 3,1 (2002), pp.29-66

Further Major Publications

  • Editor: Begegnung zweier Kontinente. USA und Europa seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg, Trier 1999.
  • Co-author: The United Nations System and Its Predecessors, vol. 1, Oxford, 1998. (a bilingual version has been published with Beck, München and Stämpli, Zürich)
  • Author: USA und Mittelamerika. Die Außenpolitik von William J. Bryan, 1913-1915, Stuttgart 1996