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Dr Elodie Fabre

Lecturer in Politics and International Studies

PhD KU Leuven

Contact Details

Room 23US.01.008
+44 28 90971366

QUB Research Portal (Pure)


My general teaching areas are British and comparative European politics; parties and party systems; electoral competition and voting; and territorial politics.

I convene

  • PAI 3067 Political Parties, Representation and Democracy (1st term)
  • PAI 7002 Government and Institutions of Northern Ireland (1st term)
  • PAI 9098 Assembly Placement (MA in Legislative Studies and Practice)

And I co-convene the MA in Legislative Studies and Practice

I also teach quantitative data analysis for PAI 7001 Approaches to Research Design and on Scottish politics and devolution for PAI 2045 The Politics and Economics of the Devolved UK

Research Interests

I am interested in how political parties and voters adapt to new situations, in particular how parties and voters have responded to devolution in the UK and beyond. I have conducted research on party organisational changes in Spain and Britain, investigating and codifying the relationship between the central level of statewide parties and their ‘regional’ branches. In the context of devolution, I am increasingly interested in the issue of citizens’ response to devolution and citizens’ understanding of devolution, and what they mean for democratic accountability.

In addition, I have recently developed an interest in ‘unusual’ voting situations such as external voting (expatriate vote in national elections) and the vote of non-national EU citizens in the local, devolved and European elections (EU citizens voting in a country other than their own).

Finally, I remain interested in French politics. I have become country co-ordinator (France) for the Political Party Database Working Group, a research network that studies and gathers comparative quantitative data on the organisation of political parties across 19 countries.

I am the co-convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Federalism and Regionalism and book review editor for Regional and Federal Studies. I am also on the editorial board of the journal Fédéralisme et Régionalisme

Recent/selected publications

  • Collard, Susan, and Elodie Fabre (2014) ‘Electronic Voting in the French Legislative Elections of 2012’, in Dimitrios Zissis and Dimitrios Lekkas (eds) Design, Development and Use of Secure Electronic Voting Systems.  Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp. 176-198.  Link 
  • Fabre, Elodie and Wilfried Swenden (2013) ‘Territorial Politics and the Multi-level Party’, Regional Studies 47(3): 342-55
  • Fabre, Elodie (2011) ‘Measuring Party Organization: the Vertical Dimension of the Multilevel Organization of Statewide Parties in Spain and the UK’, Party Politics 17(3): 343-63.
  • Fabre, Elodie (2010) ‘Multilevel Election Timing – A Comparative Overview’, Regional and Federal Studies 20(2): 177-98.
  • Libbrecht, Liselotte, Bart Maddens, Wilfried Swenden and Elodie Fabre (2009) ‘Issue Salience in Regional Party Manifestos in Spain’, European Journal of Political Research 48(1): 58-79.
  • Fabre, Elodie (2009) ‘Les Partis Nationaux et Non Nationaux au Royaume Uni’, in Jean-Benoit Pilet, Jean-Michel Dewaele and Serge Jaumain (eds) L’absence de partis nationaux : Menace ou opportunité ? (Bruxelles: Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles), pp.75-95.
  • Fabre, Elodie and Mónica Méndez-Lago (2009) ‘Devolution and Organizational Change in Political Parties: the British and Spanish State-wide Parties Compared’, in Bart Maddens and Wilfried Swenden (eds) Territorial Party Politics in Western Europe (Basingstoke: Palgrave), pp.102-118.
  • Fabre, Elodie and Enric Martínez Herrera (2009) ‘State-wide Parties and Regional Party Competition. An Analysis of Party Manifestos in the UK’, in Bart Maddens and Wilfried Swenden (eds) Territorial Party Politics in Western Europe (Basingstoke: Palgrave), pp.229-248.
  • Fabre, Elodie (2008) ‘Party Organisation in a Multi-level System: Party Organisational Change in Spain and the UK’, Regional and Federal Studies 18(4): 309-29.
  • Pogorelis, Robertas, Bart Maddens, Wilfried Swenden and Elodie Fabre (2005) ‘Issue Salience in Regional and National Party Manifestoes in the UK’, West European Politics 28(5): 992-1014.