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Professor Vincent Geoghegan

Professor of Political Theory
(PhD Newcastle)

Contact Details
Room 023.02.003
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 3587

QUB Research Portal (Pure)

Teaching Areas
Political theory

Research Interests
I am interested in the theory and history of utopianism. This has led to books on the utopian thinkers Ernst Bloch and Herbert Marcuse, and a study of the relationship between marxism and utopianism. Recent work has been on radical political/religious thought in inter-war Britain, which has led to a book: Socialism and Religion: Roads to Common Wealth. I am currently exploring the utopian dimensions of religious narrative, attempting to relate this to the development of postsecularism. I also have an interest in Irish political thought, particularly early Irish socialism, and also Irish jacobitism. I also retain an interest in the development of modern socialism, and the emergence of postnationalism.

Recent/Selected Publications (Complete list of publications)

  • Marcuse and the Christian Bourgeois Concept of Freedom’, Telos, 164, 2013, pp. 49-67.
  • ‘An Anti-Humanist Utopia?’ in P.Thompson and S. Žižek (eds), The Privatization of Hope: Ernst Bloch and the Future of Utopia, Durham NC and London: Duke University Press, 2013, pp. 37-60.
  • Socialism and Religion: Roads to Common Wealth London: Routledge 2011, 256 pp.
  • ‘Pandora’s Box: Reflections on a Myth’, Critical Horizons, 9:1, 2008, pp. 24-41.
  • ‘Political Theory, Utopia, Post-Secularism’ in T. Moylan and R. Baccolini (eds), Utopia-Method-Vision: The Use Value of Social Dreaming, Oxford, Peter Lang, 2007, pp. 69 - 86
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  • ‘Olaf Stapledon: Utopia and Worship’, Utopian Studies, 16:3, 2006, pp. 347-364  
  • ‘Ideology and Utopia’, Journal of Political Ideologies, Vol. 9, No. 2, June 2004, pp. 123 – 138
  • 'Edward Carpenter's England Revisited', History of Political Thought, 24:3 (2003) pp. 509 - 527
  • "Let the Dead Bury their Dead': Marx, Derrida and Bloch', Contemporary Political Theory, 1:1, 2002, pp. 5 - 18
  • ‘Thomas Sheridan: Toleration and Royalism’ in G.Boyce, R. Eccleshall and V. Geoghegan (eds) Political Discourse in Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century Ireland (2001)