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Dr Benjamin Jarvis

Lecturer in Philosophy

Contact Details
Room 023.01.008
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 5035

You can find him at The Thoughtful Scholar.

Teaching Areas:
This year, I am teaching Epistemology, Logic and Critical Thinking, and Human Nature.

Research Areas:
My primary areas of research includes philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, epistemology, and philosophical logic.

Recent Publications:

The Rules of Thought (with Jonathan Ichikawa), Oxford University Press, in press. 

Blind Peer Reviewed
“The Dual Aspects Theory of Truth,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, in press.
“Knowledge, Cognitive Achievement, and Environmental Luck,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, in press.
“Knowledge: Value on the Cheap,” (with J. Adam Carter and Katherine Rubin) Australasian Journal of Philosophy, in press.
“Against Swamping,” (with J. Adam Carter) Analysis 72.4 (2012).
“Pragmatic Encroachment and Belief-Desire Psychology,” (with Jonathan Ichikawa and Katherine Rubin) Analytic Philosophy 53 (2012).
“Norms of Intentionality: Norms that Don’t Guide,” Philosophical Studies 157.2 (2012).
“Rational Imagination and Modal Knowledge,” (with Jonathan Ichikawa) Noûs, in press and available online.
“Thought-Experiment Intuitions and Truth in Fiction,” (with Jonathan Ichikawa) Philosophical Studies 142.2 (2009).

“Truth as One and Very Many,” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 20.1 (2012).