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Dr Lee McGowan

Senior Lecturer in European Studies
(PhD Reading)

Room 025.02.005
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 1089

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Teaching Areas

I convene the second year module `Politics and Policy in the European Union’.
I convene the third year module `The Politics of the Far Right in Western Europe'
I convene the MA module ‘Issues in European Governance’.

Research Interests

My academic interests lie firmly in the field on European politics, and especially the history and processes of EU integration. My own research interest lies in three areas and I have published extensively in all three.

  1. EU policy processes and especially competition policy. More recent work has explored the evolution of, and influences on the EU cartel regime.
  2. Northern Ireland and the EU. I am interested in the institutional links between the Northern Ireland Assembly and executive and the region’s policy interfaces with `Brussels’ as well as public attitudes towards the EU.
  3. Far Right politics in Europe. I am interested in all manifestations of the far right in Europe, but work primarily on the British and German cases and attempts to foster a pan European network. I am particularly interested in the theme of right-wing violence and terrorism.

PhD Supervision

I enthusiastically encourage PhD proposals that focus on the politics and dynamics of EU integration as well as proposals that centre on either Northern Ireland in the EU and political extremism in Europe.

Some previous research students.

Roisin Doherty `Irish Neutrality and the Changing Dimension of the EU’s CFSP’
John Morrow `Islamophobia as an ideological tool in the Politics of the British National Party’
Mary Murphy, (now University College Cork). `Northern Ireland Devolution and Environmental Policy Making’
Darren McCauley (now St Andrew’s University) `French Interest Groups and European Environmental Policy’
Malin Stegmann McCallion (Karlstads University, Sweden), The Europeanization of Regional Policy in Sweden

Recent/Selected Publications

(2013 in press), ‘Today’s Softness is Tomorrow’s Nightmare’: Intensifying the Fight against Cartels in Brussels and Bonn, ‘ (with E. Morgan) Globalisation and EU Competition Policy, Routledge, pp. 

(2013) Dictionary of the European Union, Routledge (co-authored with David Phinnemore), 6th edition, 494 pages, 978-1-85743-683-9:

(2013 in press) Engaging with the European Union?: Exploring the Europeanization of the British National Party, Parliamentary Affairs

(2012) Northern Ireland: 40 Years of EU Membership, Journal of Contemporary European Research, 8(4), 563-570 (with Phinnemore, McCall and Mclaughlin)

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