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Dr Ada-Charlotte Regelmann

Contact Details:
PhD University of Glasgow, MA Marburg)
Room: 031.0G.015, 25 University Square

Teaching Areas:

  • Contemporary Europe (Cold War in Europe, history of pan-European integration, EU and its institutional structure, EU and European states, current debates in EU governance)
  • Politics and Policies of the European Union (Theories of integration, EU institutions, EU policy-making, dynamics of core policy competences, challenges to EU governance)
  • Issues in European Governance (Minority policy, regional policy, excursion to the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe and Brussels)
  • Skills and Methods of Political Research (Skills in research and academic writing, qualitative and quantitative methods, research ethics)

Research Interests:

My research centres around four broad research interests: 

  1. I analyse the role of domestic institutions in European policy convergence, particularly in the field of minority policies. I focus on the transposition of European democratic norms into domestic legislation during EU membership, accession and association agreements, the role of domestic institutional frameworks in the process, and domestic policy alignment to and compliance with international policy frameworks. Specifically, I am interested in the rationales states pursue in their distinct responses to vertical pressures from European governance.
  2. I am interested in the impact of political institutions on state-society interaction, and the role of non-dominant groups in the political process. I use the case of minority rights, minority integration and minority participation to understand how Europeanisation affects the integration of heterogeneous societies and minority agency. Here, I am particularly interested in the (unintended?) consequences of minority policies on the perceptions, mobilisation and participation of minorities in the political process.
  3.  My regional expertise lies in the post-communist area of Central and Eastern Europe. My previous research has identified incomplete state- and nation-building as an issue central to the continued difficulty faced by post-communist countries, both within the EU and outside of it, in building sustainable, consolidated and integrated societies. I am interested in the institutional legacies of the communist era, and the long-term impact on social integration of the immense and radical political, economic, social and cultural change experienced in these countries over the past two decades and a half.
  4. More recently, I have become interested in how EU multilevel governance affects perceptions of policy competence, political authority, and interest representation at the European, national and sub-state levels, and its implications for European integration.

In addition to collaborative activities at the Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict, I am lead coordinator of the UACES-sponsored Collaborative Research Network Centrifugal Europe: State, Sovereignty and the future of European Integration ( and coordinate activities of the UK Baltic Studies Group (


Selected Publications:

  • ‘Introduction: Minority participation in the Baltic states’, Journal of Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe 2, 2014, Special Issue on Minority participation in Estonia and Latvia, pp. 1-8 (forthcoming).
  • 'Damp squibs? Essentialist underpinnings of cultural diversity and the limits of minority participation in Estonia and Slovakia', in K. Cordell, and A. Osipov (Eds) Institutional Legacies of Communism: Change and Continuities in Minority Protection, Abingdon: Routledge, 2013, 107-123.
  • 'Which is the only game in town? Comparing Slovakia’s and Lithuania’s Management of Minority Claims’, Perspectives on European Politics and Society 4, 2012 (with T. Agarin) (
  • ‘Status Quo Multiculturalism: The Crux of Minority Policies in Central Eastern Europe’s EU Member-states’, Journal of Minority Studies 5, 2011, pp. 69-98 (with T. Agarin) (
  • ‘Political Community, Political Institutions and Minority Politics in Slovakia, 1998-2006’, in T. Agarin and M. Brosig (Eds) Minority Integration in Central Eastern Europe: Between Ethnic Diversity and Equality, Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2009, pp. 175-198. 

Opinion pieces:

  • ‘The making of a “migrant” minority’ (in Russian), Review article and comment on Etnicheskaya politika v stranakh Baltii (Ethnic politics in the Baltic states), edited by V.V.  
  • Poleshchuk and V.V. Stepanov, Moscow: Nauka 2013, forthcoming in Etnograficheskoe Obozrenie (online), April 2014 (forthcoming).
  • ‘The Paradox of Post-National Europe’, International Relations and Security Network ETH Zurich, Dossier, 11 February 2014, available at
  • Library/Articles/Detail/?id=176511&lng=en.