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Dr Tom Walker

Senior Lecturer in Ethics (PhD Sheffield)

Contact Details

Room 24.0G.004
+44 28 9097 3626

Teaching Areas
Moral Theories, Applied Ethics

Research Interests
My research is concentrated in three main areas within ethics. The first is the extent to which it is appropriate to hold people responsible for the consequences of their behaviour, particularly where those consequences arise over relatively long periods of time or are the result of previous behaviour which substantially reduces the person’s autonomy. My second main area of research concerns  the permissibility of interventions to change people’s behaviour in order either to benefit them or to protect their future autonomy. In looking at this question my main focus in on policies designed to promote the health of the population by changing behaviours such as smoking, drinking and overeating. The third strand of my research concentrates on questions of fairness in resource allocation – concentrating on medical and social care resources.

Recent/selected publications

  • Walker, T. ‘Criminal Law, Drugs and Harm Reduction’ in A.M. Viens, J. Coggon and A.S. Kessel (Eds), Criminal Law, Philosophy and Public Health Practice, 2013, Cambridge University Press
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  • Walker, T., ‘Ethics of Civil Space’ in F. Su and B. McGettrick (Eds), Professional Ethics: Education for a Humane Society, 2012, Cambridge Scholars Press
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