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Student Support

Equal Opportunities

The School is committed to the equal treatment of all students. If you feel that the School is not fulfilling its duties in this respect you may speak to the Head of School, Professor David Phinnemore  or any other member of staff.

Further information is available from the Queen's University Equal Opportunity Unit website.

Special Needs

The School welcomes students with disabilities. In support of Disability Services we will endeavour to ensure that all your individual requirements are met to ensure your time at Queen's is an enjoyable and positive experience.

The University has developed a range of services available for students with disabilities so that all students can be assured equality of opportunity within the University. Currently, over 300 students are registered with Disability Services with a wide variety of different disabilities, including, visual and hearing impairments, physical or mobility difficulties, Specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, mental health difficulties and medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy. Disability Services will make every reasonable effort to provide support to meet your individual requirements, which may include:

  • Academic support, such as provision of material in alternative formats and liaisons with Faculty/School staff to arrange copies of overheads.
  • Library support, such as extended loans or one to one inductions of the library facilities.
  • Exam support, such as additional time, rest break or scribes.
  • Funding applications to cover the cost of equipment, transport and personal support such as note takers or proof readers.

The age and design of some of our buildings can cause difficulties with physical access, we therefore recommend if you are a wheelchair user or have mobility difficulties, that you contact the Disability Services early in the year to ensure that this can be addressed.

Further details on the range of services available can be obtained from the Disability Services web pages, which can be found at or you can call into the office at anytime. Disability Services staff would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your individual needs and to arrange appropriate support.

Disability Services

Student Guidance Centre
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN
Tel: 90972727
Fax: 90972828

Within the School Dr Elodie Fabre  (Room 025.02.003, Tel: 028 90971366) is Disability Adviser and will be happy to support students by liasing with Disability Services on any problems, concerns or difficulties that a student with disabilities may experience within the School.

You can also contact the Politics, International Studies and Philosophy Office and arrange an appointment on the ground floor of 25 University Square.


Information and advice on career planning, work experience, and work opportunities are available from the Queen's Careers Service. For further information click here .

Job References

You will find that lecturers and tutors are generally willing to provide references when you seek employment, or for other purposes, but this is a personal matter, and members of staff are not obliged to give references. It is both courteous and wise to ask referees for their consent before using their name.

To assist staff in the writing of references, all students are advised to submit a CV in their final year. The CV should be handed in to the General Office (25 University Square).