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The School’s Examinations Officer is Dr Mike Bourne.

The Undergraduate Conceptual Marking Equivalence Scheme can be accessed here

The University’s General Regulations can be accessed here.

Information about Semester Dates and Examination Periods may be accessed here.

Detailed information about the pattern of assessment for individual modules will be found in the relevant module guides.

Illness and Emergencies/Extenuating circumstances:

If you have been unable to attend an examination/submit coursework on account of extenuating circumstances, it is vital that you provide the School Office with medical certificates and any other relevant documentary evidence within three working days of your return to your studies, or, during examination periods, within three working days of the last examination.

Marks are not awarded for extenuating circumstances, but examinations may be deferred, extensions to coursework submission deadlines permitted, and further attempts to pass modules permitted without penalty. Please contact the relevant module convenor and/or the Exams Officer to discuss your circumstances.

If you believe that your performance may be adversely affected by extenuating circumstances in advance of an examination/submission deadline, please seek advice from your doctor, the University Occupational Health Service, Adviser of Studies, Exams Officer, or the relevant Students’ Union officer(s).

It is very important to raise your concerns with the School in advance of the examination/deadline. Students are ultimately responsible for the decision to undertake an examination or submit assessed work.

Please consult the University’s General Regulations for further information. The Exams Officer will be happy to offer advice.

External examiners in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
The External Examiner system enables the University to ensure that it awards qualifications at an appropriate standard and that student performance is judged appropriately. The External Examiner does not carry out marking of assessed work.  The External Examiner has the opportunity to see and comment on all examination papers, on a sample of examination scripts and other assessed work.  They sit on examination boards and their views are taken very seriously.  At the end of the academic year, the External Examiner provides a report on the modules and programme(s) they have assessed and Schools provide a response to any issues raised.  Where the External Examiner has raised issues with the University, the University’s Courses and Regulations Group provides a response.  Students are entitled to see the report(s) for their programme. A copy of each examiner's report an the School's response is held in the School Office for consultation. Students should not contact the External Examiner directly.