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2009/10 Events

Launch of a book (‘The Europeanization of Party Politics on the Island of Ireland’). Co-edited by  Katy Hayward and Mary Murphy. Reception at 3.30 in the lobby in Lanyon North on Friday 25th June.

Nicola Carr and Dr Azrini Wahidin from the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work,  and Professor Phil Scraton from Law  are co-organising with Dr Una Convery and Dr Linda Moore, from the University of Ulster, The 6th North/South Irish Criminology Conference. The conference  will be hosted by the School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy at the University of Ulster, Belfast Campus on Monday, 21 June and Tuesday, 22 June 2010. Conference programme. Abstracts. Conference poster.

10, 11/06/2010: ‘Growing Up in Divided Societies’ conference to be held in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

The conference ‘Growing Up in Divided Societies’ will be held in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast, from June 10th to 11th, 2010. It is co-organised by: The Research Forum for the Child at Queen’s University Belfast; the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Adolescence in Cyprus and the International Childhood; and Youth Research Network. 
This interdisciplinary conference focuses on the experiences of children in ethnically and politically divided societies and explores the following questions:

  • How are children’s lives impacted by ethnic and political divisions and how, in turn, do children shape these societies through their own activity?
  • How are children implicated in nation-building and how is childhood co-opted in divided societies for ideological purposes?
  • How do children partake in, and respond to, such processes?
  • And how is their political engagement enabled and constrained by the social structures and realities they are confronted with in these societies?

Given the relative lack of scholarly attention on this subject the conference provides an exciting opportunity to assess what has been done so far and to reflect on the future study of children in divided societies
The opening address will be delivered by Professor Allison James: University of Sheffield.
The provisional conference programme can be downloaded from here

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28/04/2010: Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero gives presentation on "Rubbish Capitalism and Dirty Collar Crimes"

Renowned international scholar Vincenzo Ruggiero today gave a presentation on Rubbish Capitalism and Dirty Collar Crime. He is Professor of Sociology at Middlesex University. Professor Ruggiero discussed how concerns around environmental justice are growing.  Various writers have exposed failures of regulation and avoidance of responsibility and have contributed to the production of relevant recommendations for the kinds of policy and legislation required for the defence of the earth. After briefly outlining such concerns, the paper  focused on conducts which are not adopted in a normative void but are violations of even the limited environmental norms in existence. Discussing such conducts, relating to the case of Naples and the ‘rubbish crisis’ experienced by this Italian city, it is felt that an analysis of the novel ways in which white collar and organised crime are connected is necessary.

Professor Ruggiero's latest books are: ‘Social Movements: A Reader’ (2008); ‘Understanding Political Violence’ (2006); ‘Crime in Literature’ (2003); ‘Movements in the City’ (2001); ‘Crime and Markets’ (2000). His new book, ‘Penal Abolitionism, A Celebration’, will be published in July by Oxford University Press.

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30, 31/03/2010: Bourdieu and Education: A Postgraduate Conference and Three Masterclasses on Post-Primary, Higher and Professional Education

This two day event will focus on the philosophy and theories of Pierre Bourdieu in the fields of sociology and anthropology with a substantive focus education. Sponsored by The BSA and Queen’s University Belfast it is styled a masterclass and is open to postgraduate researchers.  The event is structured around:

  • Three plenaries to given by invited academic experts whose work centres on Bourdieu in this area of higher education and/ or professional reproduction.
  • Three tutorial style classes which will include short (5min) presentations by the postgraduate participants.
  • Nine 20 min paper presentations by postgraduate research students.

We are seeking 18 postgraduates currently registered at HEIs in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland whose research is directly involved with the sociology/ anthropology of Pierre Bourdieu to participate in this event. Participation is open to any UK or RoI postgraduate with a substantial theoretical interest in Bourdieu although preference may be given to those who have a particular interest in the fields of post-primary, higher and professional education as these will be the themes of the masterclasses.  We also seek abstracts from 9 of the participating postgraduates to give 20 minute papers in the usual conference style.

We intend the conference theme to be interpreted widely, with the following offering some (non-limiting) guidelines for those who are intending to submit an abstract for consideration:

  • Social class in post-primary education.
  • Bourdieu and the education of medical, nursing, dentistry, allied healthcare and social work professionals.
  • Gendered Learners, Teachers and Pedagogies.
  • Interprofessional Education and Continuing Professional Development.
  • Ethnicity in the Classroom.
  • Cultural Capital, Higher Education and the Humanities.
  • Post Higher Education Career ‘Choices’ and Trajectories.
  • Methodological Issues: Reflexivity, Habitus, Field and Capitals.
  • Disciplinary Fields and Interdisciplinary Practice.
  • Bourdieu and Legal Education/ Training.

If you are interested in taking part in this event or have any further queries please contact

Please note that this event is free for all participants but a refundable deposit will be required. All participants are expected to be present for the full two days.

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11/02/2010: Annual 'A' Level conference

The School will host its Fifteenth Annual ‘A’ Level Sociology Conference on Thursday 11th February 2010 in the Whitla Hall.  Information has been emailed and posted to all Schools and Colleges in Northern Ireland who teach Sociology at A/AS level.  For details of the programme and a booking form, please click here .

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Upcoming event:
Disability Rights and Contemporary Challenges
A Memorial Conference for Professor Eithne McLaughlin
Please click here for brochure