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Student Support

The primary mechanism for support for students in the School is through Personal Tutors.

Personal Tutors - BSW Students
On enrolment for a Social Work pathway within the School, you are allocated to a personal tutor. The tutor will act as an important link between you and the different aspects of the Social Work programme. Responsibilities of your tutor include helping you to fully utilise the experiences offered by the programme, to monitor and review your progress, to support and help you manage and address any problems or difficulties which may arise, and to ensure quality requirements, standards and regulations are promoted and maintained.

Personal Tutors - BA (Sociology, Social Policy, Criminology) Students
At the start of first year all students are assigned to a Personal Tutor who provides guidance and support for the three years of the degree. your Personal Tutor will provide advice on general issues related to your course, assist in helping to resolve study-related conflicts and address your academic-related information needs. They will also support a programme of personal development and activities undertaken as part of Personal Development Planning (PDP).

The University has a well-established and responsive system of student support and guidance, including:

A full range of student support services is provided by the Student Guidance Centre



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