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Current Research Students


Research TitlePhD/Dchild
Lauren Belshaw The Impact of State Intervention on the Work of Community-Based Restorative Justice Projects in Northern Ireland: further information  PGR
Kirsten Boal Bucking the Trend?  A Socioloical Assessmnet of Presbyterian Growth in the Republic of Ireland Since 1991  MPhil
Zigganni Booth Lesbian Identity in Northern Ireland  PGR
Grainne Boyle Medicating Conflict Related Trauma Through Prescription Drug Use:  further information  PGR
Anne-Marie Brooks Family Structure and Children's Outcomes: A Secondary Analysis of the Growing Up in Ireland Dataset  DChild
Teresa Brown     DChild
Peter Bryson What next after empowerment? Can the outcomes of early intervention programmes be sustained? Case studies from the implementation of the Families and Schools Together Programme (FAST), in Belfast, Glasgow and London.  DChild
Sylvia Buet-Gonzalez  Romantic Post-Dissolution Adjustment: A Cognitive Behaviour Approach  PGR
Claire Cole

Teenage Cannabis Consumption.  A Family Systems Perspective:  further information

Fiona Cronin Care Experiences - Calm and settled, or disrupted and chaotic or somewhere in between?  An examination of the levels of movement of young people in carre in two HSE Integrated Services Areas in Ireland  DChild
Fuseni Dawuda What Are the Socio-Economic and Health Impacts of Micro Credit for Women in the Northern Region of Ghana?  PGR
Angela Diamond Living with Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence  DChild
Peter Doak Protestant alienation and re-engagement in Derry/Londonderry - UK City of Culture 2013  PGR
Anne-Marie Doherty Health in All Policies in Northern Ireland: a study of Policy into Practice  PGR
Joe Duffy Drinking from the well: Developing Social work practice with service users and carers  PGR
George Dunwoody The Group Polarization Phenomenon in Democratic Dialogue Practice  PGR
Helen Eagleson Being Effective and Remaining Human: Measuring the impact of emotional intelligence on social work students' achievement  PGR
Michael Feely Discourses of Disability, Masculinity and sexuality in Contemporary Disability Services in the Republic of Ireland  PGR
Maurice Fenton A study of the role perception of aftercare workers within the statutory and voluntary:  further information  DChild
Fay Fernandes Health and Ethnicity: Experiences of the Health Services in Northern Ireland among the Indian Community:  further information  PGR
Keira Flanagan An investigation into the impact of educational and vocational programmes on the process of desistance in imprisioned youth offenders in Northern Ireland: further information  PGR
Simon Foley Intellectual Disability and the Right to a Sexual Life: A Continuation of the automy/patemalism debate:  further information  PGR
Carole Jean Greer Fear of Childbirth and its Consequences for Mothers, Fathers and Infants  PGR
Shona Hamilton Mental Health, Well-being & Motherhood PGR 
Julie Evelyn Harris  Initiation into Injection Drug Use: The Gendered and Social Context of Risk: further information  PGR
Deena Haydon Critical Analysis of a rights-based approach to children at risk of offending in Northern Ireland  PGR
Ciaran Hughes Social Capital, Networks and Partnership: The case of Northern Ireland's Voluntary and Community Sector  PGR
Lynn Johnston You're just used to it' Intergenerational Relationships: A Neighbourhood Case Study  PGR
Cathriona Kearns Pesticide usage in non-agricultural areas I Northern Ireland and the associate public perceptionof pesticide risk  PGR
Grace Kelly Subjective measure of Poverty and Social Exclusion  PGR
Jean Kilroe   DChild
Lauren Lambrton New Challenges in Family Support and Safeguarding: Online and Telephone Support Services  PGR
Sheila Long ECEC Student's Perceptions of Children's Rights:  further information  DChild
Amanda MacDonald 'Being' and 'Doing; - Adoptive Parents' Experience of Parenthood in the Context of Open Adoption: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis  PGR
Maurice Mahon  Assessing Men's Readiness to Engage in Domestic Violence Treatment Programmes (DVTPs) in Northern Ireland  PGR
Marc Mallon The Dynamics of Physical Disability and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland  PGR
Katherine McAleese Sex and Faith: How Christians manage religious belief and sexual behaviour  PGR
Ruari McBride Managing Personality Disordered Offenders: Translating Northern Ireland's Personality Disorder Strategy into Practice within the Criminal Justice System  PGR
Oisin McCann Knowledge, atitudes and use of tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive substances among primary school children: A rural-urban comparison:  further information  PGR
Fionntan McGarry Narrative and Networks in Health Policies Relating to Children in Ireland  PGR
Sylvia McCracken Formation of Religious Identity of Young Adults in East Belfast including those who were brought up within the Looked After Children System:  further information  PGR
Ian McCutcheon  Political Ex-Prisoners in Civil Society: Learning Lessons from Northern Ireland and South Africa   PGR
Marlene McGibbon Young Carers in Northern Ireland: An Exploratory Study of Protective Factors   PGR
Patricia McNeilly The participation of disabled children, young people and their parents in health and social care decisions  PGR
Rosanna McSorley Gaughing the impact of Welfare Reforms and the introduction of Universal Credit on low-income families in Northern Ireland  PGR
Sinead Meade An Exploration into Prison Officer Psychology: further information  PGR
Annemarie Millar

Psychology graduate with research interests in developmental psychology and attachment theory and its significance:  further information

Cyprian Misinde Child Poverty in Uganda: Is Orpanhood enough explanation?  DChild
Tracey Monson Who is at risk? Examining professional's attitudes towards at risk youth. Representations of young people referred to a teen support service:  further information  DChild
Richard Montague Challenging 'Hate Crime' in a Divided City - Racist and Sectarian Hate Crime  PGR
Suzanne Mooney Promoting a sense of coherence and wellbeing in teenagers and young adults with cancer receiving hospital care  PGR
Nicoli Morrison Safeguarding Children in Primary Care: an exploration of General Practioner and Health Visitor Understanding and Role  PGR
Gail Neill Young women's experiences of growing up and 'coming out' in Northern Ireland  DChild
Kristen DNielsen Donnelly Life between parades: Language, Gender and Lived Religion Among Loyalist Presbyterians in Northern Ireland  PGR
John Power A study exploring disordered eating patterns in first-year university students: student and service needs  DChild
Amanda Quail Neighbourhood effects on child socio-emotional and behavioural outcomes.  Does the kind of neighbourhood in which a child lives make a difference over and above their own personal and family characteristics?  DChild
Nicole Quinn Identity and work in the context of intra-European migration: the case of international call-centre workers in Belfast  PGR
Catherine Reilly Exploring the lived experience of adolescents with complex developmental needs, who live and are educated away from home, in an intentional therapeutic community  DChild
Arlene Robertson The Local Effects of New Immigration on Northern Ireland: Exploring experiences of social cohesion and integration  PGR
Mary Roche A Critical Assessment of the Burden of Unintentional Injury in Childhood and Adolescence in Ireland  DChild
Linda Rootamm Belonging in the new Berlin: the experiences of East-Berliners in the reunified Berlin   PGR
Duncun Scott The Interpersonal and Institutional politics of restitution in South Africa: An ethnographic study of The Warehouse, a faith-based organisation in Cape Town   PGR
Rebecca Shea Irvine Social and Economic Inclusion for Adults with a Disability in Post-Conflict Societies  PGR
Kieran Shields An Ethnographic Study into the views of Irish Traveller children on thier early education region of Northern Ireland:  further information  DChild
Seaneen Sloan Associations between Infant Feeding Interactions and Weight Gain  PGR
Ronan Smyth Poverty, Social Exclusion and the Northern Ireland Conflict:  further information PGR
Gerard Stuart Understanding the rationale of placing children in Northern Ireland into residential care on a voluntary basis  DChild
Colm Walsh Replicating evidenced based programmes - challenges and opportunities:   
Joanne Wilson Understandings of Well-Being in Public Health Policy  PGR
Lisa Wilson Income Inequality and Well-Being in Northern Ireland:  further information  PGR
Claire (Ting) Zhao The Challenge of Social Inclusion - Young People leaving state care in China:  further information  PGR

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