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Cara McCann

Cara McCann

Dr Lisa Smyth
Dr Margrit Shildrick

How do non-heterosexual mothers in the north of Ireland narrate their maternal, sexual and national identities?

As this thesis is researching lesbian motherhood in the North of Ireland, it is important to distinguish the key factors that influence motherhood in the region. How does religion and Irish nationalism in particular impact on motherhood? I aim to present the 'normative' notion of motherhood in Irish national discourses, and then present alternative perspectives on motherhood, which deviates from this norm.  An example of non- normative motherhood is lesbian motherhood, which is the focal point of this research. I have decided to focus on lesbian motherhood within the 'Irish' population, rather than to look at a cross-community or multi-national sample.  This will provide a sharper focus for analysis.  I am planning for my differentiation to take place some time around the start of June 2007.

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