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Jaclyn Harron


 Jaclyn Harron

 Dr Andy Percy
 Dr Karen McElrath

Delinquency and antisocial behaviour between the ages of 11 and 16 years. A secondary data analysis of the BYDS

Jaclyn is a PhD student in the Institute of Childcare Research.  The title of her research is ‘Delinquency and antisocial behaviour during adolescence: A secondary analysis of the Belfast Youth Development Study’.

The analysis will involve undertaking a range of quantitative methods to identify the relationships between various social bonds, such as family and school, and delinquent and antisocial behaviour.

The outputs of the research will produce empirical evidence around influences on delinquency and antisocial behaviour during adolescence from the age of 11-16 years.  It will enhance our understanding of delinquency and antisocial behaviour, particularly gender differences over time.  This is an area that has received relatively little attention in the existing academic literature in a European context. This in turn will provide further insights into possible research priority areas and identify targets/areas for informing future policy practice in this area.