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John Moriarty


 John Moriarty

 Dr Kathryn Higgins
 Dr Duncan McVicar

Peer influences on teenage substance use and antisocial behaviour in Northern Ireland

I began my studies in the social sciences at NUI, Galway, where I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2007. I received a Masters in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin in 2009 and am currently enrolled as a full-time PhD student at Queen's University Belfast. I am jointly supervised by Dr Kathryn Higgins (Institute of Childcare Research; School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work) and by Dr Duncan McVicar (School of Management).
My research is on the influences of friends and other peers on illicit drug use experiences among young people attending secondary school in Northern Ireland. I use a range of operational definitions of “peer” to investigate which groups appear to exert “peer pressure” and which groups do not. My other research interests include organisational psychology, management of workplace stress and the effects of emerging technologies on employees’ workload and role confidence.
Since 2010, I have produced regular podcasts for the school. The most recent of these can be found at

Moriarty, J., Hogan, M.J., Stewart, I. (2011). Starting slow: The effects of response switching frequency on patterns of cardiovascular reactivity. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 16(1), 12 – 18.