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Peter Johnson

 Peter Johnson
 Prof. Madeleine Leonard
 Dr. Matthew Wood

Alcohol, Adolescents and Adults

My research revolves around teenage selfhood and the potentialities of definitional autonomy as viewed through twin lenses: that afforded by the New Sociology of Childhood, as well as the work of Erving Goffman.  It focuses on the ambiguous status of 14-15 year olds within adult-centred society who, despite their age, are considered experts on their own lived experience.  The work utilises underage drinking as a window into exploring wider issues concerning the 'deviant' teen stereotype, the nature of recalcitrance and resistance and peer culture identity battles based upon class, ethno-nationalism, gender and style.  Previously, I received both my BA (Hons) in Modern History and Sociology and my MSc in Sociology from Queen's University, Belfast.  I currently tutor on the second and third year core modules of the School's undergraduate Sociology degree programme.    

(Forthcoming, 2010). "'You just get blocked'. Teenage drinkers: reckless rebellion or responsible reproduction?", Children and Society.

Conference papers
(2008). "'Cos everyone else is doing it'.  Teenage drinking culture: resistance or reproduction?", paper presented at the Re-presenting Childhood and Youth Conference, University of Sheffield, 8-10th July 2008.
(2009). "Reflecting on research in schools: Decisions and dilemmas", paper presented at the 9th European Sociological Association Conference, Lisbon, 2-5th September 2009.
(Forthcoming 2010). "'I am what I am'. Youth, selfhood and definitional autonomy", paper presented at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, 7-9th April 2010.