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Stephen Coulter

Stephen Coulter

Dr Helga Sneddon
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick

The Impact of Systemic Family Therapy as an Element of Treatment for Families Following Trauma

Stephen Coulter is a first year PhD student funded by the DHSSPS Research and Development office.  The main purpose of this study is to compare any additional impact of Systemic Family Therapy (SFT) over Individual Therapy alone for families following trauma.  Participants will consist of adolescents and their families when one or more members of the family have been involved in a traumatic experience.  Impact will be primarily measured in terms of family functioning and individual well-being outcomes.  The secondary question is whether the inclusion of SFT shows better outcomes following specific types of traumatic experience.  The design is a randomised control trial (RCT) comparing two different treatment regimes.  Group 1 will receive individual trauma treatment.  Group 2 will receive individual trauma treatment (on an identical standardised basis) and additionally receive SFT on a 2-3 week cycle.  Change will be measured after six months of treatment.  Currently (March 07) the first study participants are completing pre-treatment measures.

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