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2001 Research Projects

FLEX.COM: Flexibility and Competitiveness: Labour Market Flexibility, Innovation and Competitiveness
Dr Gerry Boucher, Prof James Wickham, & Prof Lena Tsipouri
2001-03, European Commission, Fifth Framework (FP5), €103000

Prevention of Child Neglect through parent training
Dr Karola Dillenburger & B McDaniel

An International Overview of Residential Care and Residential Schools
Prof Dorota Iwaniec & Dominic McSherry
2001-02, Chapin Hall, Chicago, £9,583, 100%

Belfast Youth Development Study (BYDS)
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Dr Patrick McCrystal, Andrew Percy, Kathryn Higgins, Claire McCartan, Clive Robinson
2001-07, R&D Office, £881,721, 100%

Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Dr Helga Sneddon, M Stewart, Laura Dunne, Aideen Gildea, & L McErlean
2001-07, R&D Office, £368,152, 100%

Pathways to Permanency
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Dominic McSherry, Emma Larkin
2001-07, R&D Office, £284,462, 100%

Children's Experiences of doing the Eleven Plus
Prof Madeleine Leonard
2001-02, Save the Children Fund, £20,000

Family Life on Low Imcome in Ireland
Prof Madeleine Leonard & Prof Mary Daly
2000-01, Combat Poverty, £30,000

Children's Participation in Housework in Ireland
Prof Madeleine Leonard
2000-01, Royal Irish Academy, £12,000

Establishing a Mental Health Library
Prof Geraldine Macdonald & Consortium of European Colleagues
EU, £110,000, n/a

A review of Social Work Services in Acute Hospital Settings in the Southern Health and Social Services Board
John McLaughlin
Southern Health and Social Services Board, £9,600

Disability, Social Policy & Public Services Among Disabled Children and Young People
Prof Eithne McLaughlin, M Monteith  & L Hamilton
2001-02, Barnardos, £20,000, 66%

Children as Complainants in the Health and Personal Social Services in Northern Ireland
Prof Eithne McLaughlin, W Cousins & S Milner
4 NI Health and Social Services Councils, £15,110, 100%

Social security statistics and social security policy
Prof Eithne McLaughlin, M. Tomlinson, N. Yeates
2001-2002, Department for Social Development (NI), £114,000 (1998-2002)

Northern Ireland Life and times, "Rights of the Child"
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, Calousle Gulbenkian Foundation, £2,465, 100%

Northern Ireland Life and times, "Rights of the Child"
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, Save the Children Fund, £2,465, 100%

Northern Ireland Life and times, "Rights of the Child"
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, Dept of Health & Social Services (NI), £7,600, 100%

The Northern Ireland Social and Political Archive
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, Atlantic Philanthropies, £72,908, 100%

Social Security
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, Dept of Social Development (NI), £34,574, 100%

Briefing Fund
Prof Robert Miller
2000-01, NI Assembly, £2,000, 100%

Social Mobility in Northern Ireland - Patterns by Religion and Gender
Prof Robert Miller
2001, Equality Commission for Nothern Ireland, £11,500, 100%

Northern Ireland module of International Social Survey Panel
Prof Robert Miller
2001-02, ESRC, £15,572, 100%

Drug and Alcohol Use Among Young People in Northern Ireland
Prof Robert Miller
2001-02, DHSSPS (NI), £9,515, 100%

Political ideologies in Ireland; British and Irish nationalism and Irish republicanism
Prof Liam O'Dowd
2001-04, Unfunded

The reconfiguration of state borders and transfrontier regions in the EU
Prof Liam O'Dowd
2001-03, Unfunded

Comparative studies of intermarriage
Dr Richard O’Leary
2001-3, British Academy travel grant, £660.

Cannabis Cultivation in the UK
Gary Potter
2000-07, University of Sheffield (PhD)

Medico-Legal approaches of insanity in 19th centry Ireland
Dr Pauline Prior
2001-04, Wellcome Trust, £7,573

Human Rights and Mental Disorder
Dr Pauline Prior
EUSSIRF project at the EUI (Florence), £1,400

Insurance and the problem of adverse selection
Prof Lindsay Prior
2001-05, Wellcome Trust, £197,000, nil

The construction of risk estimates in a cancer genetics clinic
Prof Lindsay Prior
2001-04, ESRC (Innovative Health Technologies Program), £179,000, nil

Patient Accounts of CFS. A narrative analysis
Prof Lindsay Prior & R Gwynne (Cardiff)
2001-04, National Assembly for Wales, £101,000, nil

Young People, Gender and Suicide Prevention: help-seeking in 17-18 year old men and women
Prof Lindsay Prior & J Scourfield (Cardiff)
2001-04, National Assembly for Wales, £97,000, nil

Development of a carer determined screening questionnaire dementia in people with Down's syndrome
Prof Lindsay Prior & S Deb (Birmingham)
2001-03, Bailey Thomas Trust, £62,000, nil

Barriers to Inflluenza Vaccination in Older People. A Qualitative Study
Prof Lindsay Prior & M Evans (Cardiff)
2001-03, Wales Office of R&D, £79,800, nil

Patient and Family determined outcomes for adults with head injury
Prof Lindsay Prior & S Deb (Birmingham)
2001-04, Wales Office of R&D, £114,947, nil

Social Exclusion in Rural Areas
Dr Sally Shortall
1998-2001, EU LEADER Programme, £57,000, 100%

Gender Proofing CAP Reforms
Dr Sally Shortall
2000-01, EU Peace and Reconciliation Programme, £53,000, 100%

Chronic Child Abuse - Failings in Systems, Policy or Practice
Dr Trevor Spratt & Dr John Devaney
2001-2004, R&D Office HPSS in NI Research Training Award, £151,595, Nil

Research Training and Professional Social Work Education: Developing Research Minded Practice
George Wilson & Dr Patrick McCrystal, P
2001-2005, Unfunded

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