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2002 Research Projects

Wellcome Travel Grant
Dr Jim Campbell
The Wellcome Trust, £1,000, nil

Literature Review on mental health social work
Dr Jim Campbell &Roger Manktelow (UU)
DHSS (NI), £2,000, nil

Gender Mainstreaming in the European Union
Prof Mary Daly
2002-05, European Union, €130,700, 100%

Data analysis for Northern Ireland Bereavement Study
Dr Karola Dillenburger
Lockheed Fund, £200, 100%

A Study of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland
Prof Paddy Hillyard, Prof E McLaughlin & M Tomlinson
2002-2004, Office of the First Minister/Deputy First Minister and HM Treasury, £182,000, 33.5%

The Development, Implementation and Outcomes of Care Plans Involving Children in Foster Care or Residential Care
Prof Dorota Iwaniec, Dr Helga Sneddon & S Milner
2002-03, DHSS, £62,123, 100%

Delay in Social Service Court Work: Identification, Explanation and Possible Remedies
Prof Dorota Iwaniec & Dominic McSherry
2002-03, WHSSB, £58,220, 100%

BYDS - Survey of Family Members
Prof Dorota Iwaniec & Andrew Percy
2002-03, R&D Office, £160,931, 100%

The outcomes of adoption as a placement for looked after children - a scoping study
Greg Kelly
2002, DHSS&PS, £7000, 100%.

Review of developments in evidence-based policy and practice in the UK and internationally
Prof Geraldine Macdonald
ESRC, £20,000, n/a

Focus groups consultation with representative sample of DipSW Students to inform development of the new degree in Social Work
Prof Geraldine Macdonald
Department of Healthn/a

Experimental evaluating a foster care training programme designed to help carers manage challenging behaviour
Prof Geraldine Macdonald & William Turner
Centre of Evidence-Based Social Services, £189,000, n/a

Secondary Analysis of the 1997 and 2001 Northern Ireland Health and Wellbeing Surveys
Prof Robert Miller
2002-02, DHSSPS (NI), £18,012, 100%

Public Attitudes towards Women's Political Partcipation in Northern Ireland
Prof Robert Miller, Y Galligan & L Dowds
2002-04, ESRC, £37,370, 100%

Religion and the life course: an analysis of evangelical Protestant identity change in NI
Prof Liam O'Dowd & C Mitchell
2002 - present, Unfunded

Building Capacity for Use of C&IT in Social Work Education
Dr Caroline Skehill
2000-02, QUB CELT, £2,000, 100%

A policy appraisal of the existing and potential contribution of Barnardo's to the development of family support within Northern Ireland
Dr Caroline Skehill, T Spratt & J Pinkerton
Barnardos, £20,000, 100%

The regulation of young people's sexuality and citizenship in Northern Ireland
Dr Lisa Smyth
2002-03, British Academy, £1,108, 0%

Community Policing
Jim Smyth

Parental Reactions to Child Welfare Interventions: An Analysis of the Relative Impacts of Procedural Systems and Individual Social Work Practice
Dr Trevor Spratt
R&D Office HPSS in NI Research Training Award, £128,524, nil

Motivation and Career Aspirations of MSW Students
George Wilson & Dr Patrick McCrystal
2002-2004, Unfunded

Developing Practice Learning: Student Perspectives
George Wilson, T. Walsh, & M. Kirby
2002-2004, Unfunded

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