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2003 Research Projects

Network of Independent Experts in Social Exclusion
Prof Mary Daly
European Union, €15,000, 100%

Treatment of Tic Disorder
Dr Karola Dillenburger

A Study of Conflict and Poverty
Prof Paddy Hillyard, B Rolston & M Tomlinson
Combat Poverty Agency, Dublin, € 17,000

MOMENTS - Mothers mentoring to succeed
Prof Dorota Iwaniec, H Halliday et al, Andrew Percy
2003-09, HPSS R&D Office (Targeting Social Needs), £455,986, 100%

Alternative Education Provision
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, T Gallagher & Claire McCartan
2003-06, DEL/OFMDFM, £82000, 100%

Evaluation of the Supporting People Health Pilots
Prof Geraldine Macdonald & Ailsa Cameron
OPDM, n/a

Rights and Representations of Young People in Residential Care
S Milner & W Cousins
Nuffield Foundation, £5,982, 100%

From Peace 1 to Peace 2: Promoting Voluntary Sector Activity in the Irish Border Region
Prof Liam O'Dowd & C McCall
2003-04, Royal Irish Academy, Third Sector Programme, € 45,000, € 45,000

Robert Hart and China
Dr Richard O’Leary
Universities China Committee (support for symposium)

Responses of the lay public to programmes of primary immunization. A qualitative study
Prof Lindsay Prior & M Calnan (Bristol)
MRC (Health Services Collaboration), £5,000, nil

Development of an evidence-/consensus-based guideline for service provisions for young adults (14-25 years) who have learning disability and mental health problems
Prof Lindsay Prior & S Deb (Birmingham)
2003-05, Healthcare Foundation, £25,000, nil

Children in Interface Areas
Prof Madeleine Leonard
2003-04, Save the Children, £16,000

Occupational Health and Safety on Farms in the Armagh and Dungannon Region
Dr Sally Shortall & S Porter
2003-04, Health and Safety Executive, £22,422, 100%

History of the Present of Child Welfare and Protection Social Work in the Republic of Ireland
Dr Caroline Skehill
1997-2003, Trinity Trust Foundation, IR£20,000, 100%

A European Curriculum for Teaching history of social work and gender
Dr Caroline Skehill
2003-07, ATHENA - EU

Social Movements
Jim Smyth

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