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2004 Research Projects

Unmet Need: A Study of Mental Health Legal Advice and Information Services in Northern Ireland
Jim Campbell and D Wilson
Law Centre (NI)/Nuffield (£8,300), Primary Investigator

Labour Market Immigartion in New Countries of European Integration: Finland, Ireland and Italy
Dr Gerry Boucher & Prof James Wickham
2004-05, International Institute of Integration Studies, Trinity College Dublin

Partnership in the Irish Health Services in Three Health Board Region
Dr Gerry Boucher 
Health Services National Partnership Forum, €8000, nil

Levels and Limits of Irish Social Partnership
Dr Gerry Boucher
Policy Institute, Trinity College Dublin, €12000, nil

Unmet need: a study of mental health legal advice services in Northern Ireland
Dr Jim Campbell
NI Law Centre/Nuffield, £7,800, nil

Network of Independent Experts in Social Exclusion
Prof Mary Daly
European Union, €14,000, 100%

Research Training Grant (Brazil)
Dr Karola Dillenburger
ESRC, £1,000, 100%

International Conference Grant (Brazil)
Dr Karola Dillenburger
British Academy, £704, 100%

Evaluating Sure Start Programme
Dr Karola Dillenburger & E Browne

Parental Programme Evaluation of ABA
Dr Karola Dillenburger, Keenan, Gallagher, McElhinney

Occupational Stress
Dr Karola Dillenburger

Inequality in Ireland: Equality and Standard Living Indices
Prof Paddy Hillyard
HEA/SEUPB, £62,322

Re-imagining Women's Security and participation in post-conflict societies
Prof Paddy Hillyard & G Robinson
ESRC, £139,675, £78,554

A Study of the Private Rented Sector
Prof Paddy Hillyard & P Gray (UU)
NIHE, £56,000, £2,500

Secondary Analysis of the Poverty and Social Exclusion Northern Ireland data
Prof Paddy Hillyard
OFMDFM, £29,000

Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, L Lundy & P Scraton
2004-05, NICCY, £99,996, 100%

Questions of Collective Identity in Europe
Prof Robert Miller
2004-07, British Academy, £7,431, 100%

Collating and Preserving Primary Material on the Northern Ireland Conflict
Prof Robert Miller 
2004-07, ESRC, £80,177, 100%

Mapping Frontiers, Plotting Pathways: Routes to Co-operation on a Divided Island
Prof Liam O'Dowd & J Coakley (UCD)
2004-06, Higher Education Authority, Dublin/EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, €580000, €280000

Christianity in contemporary China
Dr Richard O’Leary
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (visiting scholarship to China); British Academy travel grant, £790.

Public Attitudes to the countryside in Northern Ireland
Dr Sally Shortall & Paula Devine
2004-05, ESRC/UFU, £49,608, 100%

Workshop on the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme
Dr Sally Shortall
ESRC, £10,000, 100%

Building Staff and Student Capacity for Use of On-line communication in Social Work
Dr Caroline Skehill & M Greig
2004-06, QUB Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund, £5,000

Breastfeeding Research:Intimate citizenship, gender and care; Gendered Public Spaces and Citadenship; Midwife narratives of breastfeeding promotion
Dr Lisa Smyth
2004-07, Unfunded

Memory, History and Change
Jim Smyth

Professional Socialisation Experiences of BSW Students
George Wilson & Patrick McCrystal
2004-07, Unfunded

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