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2006 Research Projects

Analysing Findings from European Quality of Life Survey
Prof Mary Daly
ESRI, Dublin, € 23,700, 100%, 2006-07

Network of Independent Experts in Social Exclusion
Prof Mary Daly
OSB Consulting Vienna, €20,000, 100%

Sustainable Welfare and Sustainable Growth
Prof Mary Daly
Anglo-German Foundation, £24,366, 100%, 2006-08

Task Force on Social Cohesion in Europe
Prof Mary Daly
Council of Europe, € 9,000, 100%

Diagnosing child sex abuse
Dr Karola Dillenburger & Keenan Duffy

Treatment of Obsessional-Compulsive Disorder
Dr Karola Dillenburger

Meeting the needs of families living with children on the autistic spectrum disorder
Dr Karola Dillenburger, Keenan, PEAT Charity
Royal Irish Academy; Developing Charity Strategy Through Partnership (DCSP), £71,200.00, € 2,400

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) User Involvement Consultancy
Joe Duffy, Bernie Kelly, Jim Campbell, John Devaney, Stan Houston, George Wilson
SCIE, £14,000, 2006-08

WINS (Women in Non-Traditional Sectors)
Dr Myrtle Hill
European Social Fund, under the NI EQUAL Initiative Programme, 2006-07

A study of water affordability
Paddy Hillyard
OFMDFM, 2006 -07

Enhancing Resilience in Young People in Residential Child Care: An Action Research Project.
Dr Stan Houston
Commissioned by the Southern Health and Social Services Trust, £8,000, 2006-07 

Academic Activism: Practicing Praxis in the HE Curriculum
Dr John  Karamichas
The Higher Education Academy (C-SAP), £3,000, 2006-07

A study of inter-country adoption outcomes in Ireland
Greg Kelly (as part of a team at the Children's Research Centre (CRC), Trinity College, Dublin)
€250,000, The Adoption Board for Ireland, CRC, 8%.

Children’s Perceptions of Old Age
Rosemary Kilpatrick, Laura Dunne, Geraldine Macdonald
Atlantic Philanthropies, 2006 -08

Working with Challenging and Disruptive Situations in Residential Child Care: Sharing Good Practice
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Emma Larkin & Dr Berni Kelly
SCIE, £44,710, 75%, 2006-07

Evaluation of Impact of the Children Order Advisory Committee Best Practice Guidelines for Children Order Proceedings (COAC)
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Emma Larkin & Dominic McSherry
DHSS, £7,538, 100%, 2006-07

MOMENTS - Mothers mentoring to succeed
Prof Dorota Iwaniec, H Halliday et al, Andrew Percy
HPSS R&D Office (Targeting Social Needs), £25,3242, 100%, 2006-09

ARK - A Social and Political Archive for Northern Ireland
Prof Robert Miller
2006-11, ESRC, £3,131,127, 52%

EU Dimensions: Civil Society Cooperation across the external borders of the EU
Prof Liam O'Dowd & B Dimitrovova
EU Sixth Framework Research Programme, €1,200,000, 2006-09

Public attitudes to the inheritance rights of unmarried couples
Gary Potter, C Williams (Sheffield) 7 G Douglas (Cardiff)
University of Shelffield; University of Cardiff, 2006-07

Christianity in contemporary China
Dr Richard O’Leary
British Academy/National Science Council Taiwan, £3,050, 2006-08

Process of Incorporating a Transplanted Heart (PITH)
Dr Margrit Shildrick, Heather Ross, Pat McKeever & Susan Abby
HSFO (pending). CIHR (resubmitting) (Canada), C$4,500, £1,280

Process of Incorporating a Transplanted Heart (PITH) - pilot
Dr Margrit Shildrick
HCTP/CIHR Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Grant, Canada, C$551,450, n/a

History of the Presence of Child Welfare Practices in Northern Ireland 1945-1973
Dr Caroline Skehill
Baseline Study for future project

Socio-Legal Study of the Change in the Institutional Practices that Regulate Generational Relationships
Caroline Skehill
Unfunded  2006-07

Social Capital and Youth Migration 
Jim Smyth
Unfunded ,2006-08

Effects of the 'Troubles' on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the people in Northern Ireland
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland), £8,556, 2006-07

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