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2007 Research Projects

Network of Independent Experts in Social Exclusion
Prof Mary Daly
OSB Consulting Vienna, €20,000, 100%

An Evaluation of the 'Draft Protocol to Promote Inter-Agency Working with Children and Families Affected by Substance Misuse'
Dr John Devaney, Dr Patrick McCrystal, Mr Joe Duffy and Mr David Hayes
The Eastern Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (EDACT) £10,151, 2007-08

Conference Support (St Moritz, Switzerland)
Dr Karola Dillenburger
Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture, £1,000, 100%

Child Protection pre-service training
Dr Karola Dillenburger & McKee

Supporting Citizen Involvement in Social Work Education
Joe Duffy
SCIE and SWAP, £7,000, 2007-07

Enhancing resilience in residential child care
Stan Houston
Southern Health and Social Services Board, £8,000, 100%, 2007-08

Children's Perceptions of Old Age
Dr Rosemary Kilpatrick, Laura Dunne & Prof Geraldine Macdonald
Atlantic Philanthropies, £9,983, 100%

Robert Hart and China - Transcription and analysis of journals
Dr Richard O’Leary and Dr Paul Ell
Academic Sinica. Taiwan £20,385, 2007-07

Chinese immigrants in Ireland and their engagement with Christianity
Dr Richard O’Leary, 2007-07

History of Psychiatry (Ireland) - Specialist Seminar
Dr Pauline Prior
Wellcome Trust, £3,000

The Price of Flesh
Dr Margrit Shildrick, Prof Eithne McLaughlin,  Tam Sanger, Dr Lisa Smyth, Maria Lohan
ESRC Seminar Series, £18,000, 100%

A Socio-Legal Study of the Change in the Insitutional Practices that regulate generational relation in Child Welfare Social Work
Dr Caroline Skehill is research expert on this project led by Prof Mirja Satka
2007-10, Academy of Finland, €219300

Child Care and protection across welfare regimes in Europe
Dr Caroline Skehill
Research project proposal being planned in partnership with the European Network for Historical Studies in social work and gender.

Youth Migration
Jim Smyth

Social changes in London Methodist congregations
Dr Matt Wood
School research support, 2007-08

Independent African religious healers in London
Dr Matt Wood
School research support, 2007-09

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