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Academic Staff

Please click on a staff name to view their achievements, interests, responsibilities and publications

Dr Véronique Altglas (Sociology)
Dr Janet Carter Anand (Social Work)
Dr Lisa Bunting (Social Work)
Dr Michelle Butler (Criminology)
Dr Bronagh Byrne (Social Policy)
Dr Emma Calvert (Sociology)
Dr Anne Campbell (Social Work)
Dr Gemma Carney (Social Policy)
Dr Nicola Carr (Criminology)
Dr Rossella Ciccia (Social Policy)
Prof Peter Conrad (Sociology)
Dr Mary-Louise Corr (Criminology)
Dr Mike Corman (Sociology) 
Dr Stephen Coulter (Social Work)
Dr Gavin Davidson (Social Work)
Dr Teresa Degenhardt (Criminology)
Dr John Devaney (Social Work)
Dr Katharine Dill (Social Work)
Dr Joe Duffy (Social Work)
Dr Michael Duffy (Social Work)

Dr Eoin Flaherty (Sociology)
Dr Claire Hamilton (Criminology)
Mr Alan Harpur (Social Work)
Dr Davy Hayes (Social Work)
Dr Katy Hayward (Sociology)
Dr Jonathan Heaney (Sociology)
Dr Kathryn Higgins (ICCR)
Prof Paddy Hillyard (Sociology - Professor Emeritus)
Prof Stan Houston (Social Work)
Dr John Karamichas (Sociology)
Dr Berni Kelly (Social Work)
Dr Anne Kouvonen (Sociology)

Dr Cheryl Lawther (Criminology)
Dr Anne Lazenbatt (Sociology)
Prof Madeleine Leonard (Sociology)
Prof Geraldine Macdonald (Social Work)
Dr Mandi Macdonald (Social Work)
Dr Siobhan McAlister (Criminology)
Dr Catherine McNamee (Sociology)
Dr Paula McFadden (Social Work)  
Prof Robert Miller (Sociology)
Ms Lorna Montgomery (Social Work)
Ms Suzanne Mooney (Social Work)  
Prof Liam O’Dowd (Sociology)
Prof Roger Penn (Sociology)
Dr Maria Pentaraki (Social Work)  
Dr Andrew Percy (Criminology)
Prof John Pinkerton (Social Work)
Prof Lindsay Prior (Sociology)


Dr Audrey Roulston (Social Work)
Dr Dirk Schubotz (Social Policy)
Dr Tanya Serisier (Criminology)
Prof Sally Shortall (Sociology)
Dr Lisa Smyth (Sociology)
Dr Sirin Sung (Social Policy)
Prof Mike Tomlinson (Social Policy)
Prof Christopher Whelan (Sociology)
Dr George Wilson (Social Work)
Dr Karen Winter (Social Work)
Dr Matthew Wood (Sociology)