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Andrew Percy

Photo of Andrew Percy

BSc (QUB); MSc (City, London); PhD (QUB).

Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Room: 1.04, 1 College Park
Ext: 5261 ; Email:

My main research interest is focused on teenage alcohol, drug use and crime. In particular, I am interested in why some young people use cigarettes, alcohol and drugs while others do not, and why for some young people substance misuse is a transient behaviour, but for others it develops into serious social, legal and health problems. My main work in this area has been the Belfast Youth Development Study (in collaboration with Dr Patrick McCrystal, Institute of Child Care Research). This is an ongoing longitudinal study of adolescent drug use and crime funded by the Research and Development Office (DHSS&PS). The BYDS has tracked the development of a sample of around 4,000 young people who were aged 11 in 2001. This work has been supplemented with a number of qualitative studies looking in more detail at specific teenage substance use behaviours.  I have also undertaken analysis of the major UK survey data sets including the British Cohort Study and the British Crime Survey.  

My second research interest is in methodological development in the areas of quantitative assessment of sensitive behaviours, measurement error in longitudinal survey research, and statistical methods for longitudinal data analysis. I am currently principle investigator on a European Research Advisory Board study attempting to further development growth mixture models for the analysis of longitudinal teenage alcohol data.

I have previously held research positions at the Institute of Child Care Research, the Home Office, and The Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drugs Education (TACADE)

Teaching interests

Youth crime and youth justice, basic and advanced statistics, victim surveys, secondary analysis of existing data, and research ethics.

Selected recent publications

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