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Azrini Wahidin

Photo of Azrini Wahidin
Azrini Wahidin

BA Hons (University of London), MA, PGCE, PhD (Keele),
SEDA Level III, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Reader in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Room 2.04, 1 College Park East
Ext: 1480;   Email:

My research interests relate to the links between social exclusion, the 'deviant' body, crime and crime control and social harm. My  writings are both theoretical and applied and have been influenced by the work of Michel Foucault and Judith Butler.  I have conducted extensive prison research focusing on both prisoners and uniformed staff.  In particular my research has focused on elderly prisoners on both sides of the Atlantic; managing the needs of older offenders, the female prison estate, young offenders, theories of punishment, the lifer system and resettlement.

I am  chair of the Professional Ethics Committee for the British Society of Criminology and a trustee for the Howard League for Penal Reform  and the Irish Penal Reform Trust.  I am also on the editorial board for The Howard Journal of  Criminal Justice, the Prison Service Journal, Sociological Research on-line and formally the British Journal of Sociology.

I have completed studies on: young people who have come into conflict with the law; real work in prison, educational needs in prison, managing the needs of older offenders and the experiences and needs of women in prison. In addition, I have written in the areas of:the body, prison time and space, sexuality, later life, feminist research methodology,  the use of qualitative methods; research ethics and the politics of evaluation research. 

In 2008, Dr. Wahidin and associates were awarded a prestigious prize of Highly Commended Article of 2008 by Emerald publishers for literary award of excellence for an article published in International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. I am a visiting professor at the University of Malaya in the Faculty of Law and have held visiting positions at Middle Tennessee State University, the Universiti Sains Malaysia and Melbourne University, School of Political and Social Sciences.

I am keen to support applications for postgraduate research in any of the above areas but especially on furthering our understanding of: the body, sexuality, imprisonment,  resotorative justice, transitions from custody, transitional justice and  the experiences  of former politically motivated prisoners. If you have a proposal in these areas and would like to discuss the possibility of studying criminology at Queen's University please let me know - I'll be happy to discuss your plans.

Research and Teaching Interests

Imprisonment, Transitions from Custody, Criminological Theory, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Theories of the Body, Feminist Theory; Research Ethics,  Theories of punishment, Transitional Justice,  Women in Prison and Former Politically Motivated Prisoners.

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed

Tate, S. and Wahidin, A. (2013),  Extraneare: Pain, Loneliness  and the Incarcerated Female Body,  in the Journal of Illness, Crisis and Loss. (forthcoming)

Wahidin, A., Moore, L., and Convery, L. (2012),  Unlocking a Lock-down  Regime: The Role of Penal Policy and Admininstration in Northern Ireland and the Challenges of Change in A.Wahidin (ed) The Legacy of Conflict  and the Impact  on the Northern Irish  Criminal Justice System, The Howard  Journal of Criminal Justice Vol 51, No 5, 458-487. 

Deaton, D., Aday, R. and Wahidin A. (2009),  The effect of health and penal harm  on ageing female  prisoners:  Views of dying prisoners  in the Journal of Omega, Vol 1, 60,  91: 51-70.

Wahidin, A. and Powell, J, (2008), 'Understanding Old Age and Victimisation: A Critical Exploration' in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.


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Books and Edited Collections

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