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Berni Kelly

photo of Berni Kelly

BSc (Hons) Social Work (1997), Diploma Social Work (1997)
PhD Social Work (2002), PG Cert. in Higher Education Training (2006)
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Room 02.005, 6 College Park
Ext. 1486; Email:




Research Interests

My research interests are disability, child and youth identities, looked after children and transitions to adult life. I have an active interest in participatory research with children and young people, including the development of creative methodologies for consulting disabled children and young people.  I am Co-Chair of the recently launched Disability Research Network at Queen’s University Belfast. The network is a multi-disciplinary initiative aimed at enhancing collaboration between academics, policy makers, practitioners and community or voluntary organisations with an interest in disability issues. Please refer to the homepage for further details of this initiative:

I previously worked in the Social Work Department in the University of Ulster and as Regional Coordinator and Researcher for the National Children's Bureau. During this time, I managed a range of research projects including research on the needs of cross-community children in public care and projects on children and young people’s awareness and experiences of anti-sectarianism. I completed my doctoral study on family support services for learning disabled children and their families in Northern Ireland in 2002. Following this, I spent almost three years in New Zealand working as a Senior Researcher at the Donald Beasley Institute. During this time I worked on various disability research projects. Since moving to QUB in 2005, I have been involved in a range of research projects including disability studies and social work education projects.

I am currently Principal Investigator on two research studies:


  • ‘Transitions and outcomes for care leavers with mental health and intellectual disabilities.’ (with J. Pinkerton, G. Davidson, E. Gilligan, T. Hazzard, J. Wilson and T. Doherty). Funded by: DHSSPSNI Public Health Agency: R & D Office. Due for completion by October 2015.
  • ‘Meeting the needs of disabled children and young people in public care in Northern Ireland.’ (with S. Dowling and K. Winter) Funded by: Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister. Due for completion by: February 2015.


Within the School I am a member of the ‘Family Policy and Child Welfare’ Research Cluster as well as the University wide ‘Research Forum for the Child’. I am also a member of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, the Editorial Advisory Committee for the Child Care in Practice journal and the Child Care Research Forum.

Completed Research Projects:

  • ‘What a Difference a Decade Makes: exploring disability and identity in young adulthood’. Funded by the British Academy. Completed December 2012.
  • ‘Development of State of Evidence Papers on Disability Policy & Practice’ (with G. Davidson, J. Carter-Anand, G. Macdonald & Matrix Knowledge). Funded by: National Disability Authority. Completed December 2012.
  • Understanding Wellbeing in the Lives of Adolescents with Disabilities: an exploratory study’. A collaborative study with ICCR funded by: HPSS: R&D Office.
  • ‘Enhancing Social Work Students’ Learning Experience and Readiness to Undertake Practice’ (with George Wilson). Funded by SWAP & HEA. Completed 31st August 2009. 
  • ‘Working with challenging and disruptive situations in residential child care’(with Institute of Child Care Research, National Children’s Bureau & University of Bristol). Funded by: SCIE (Social Care Institute of Excellence). Completed June 2007.
  • ‘Service user and carer involvement in health and social care in Northern Ireland’ (with Joe Duffy et al.). Funded by SCIE (Social Care Institute of Excellence). Completed June 2007.
  • ‘Evaluation of three trials of needs assessment and service coordination’ (with A. Bray & J. Macarthur). Funded from Health Research Council New Zealand. Completed 2006.
  • ‘Ethnographic study of the impact of school on disabled and non-disabled children’s identities at transition from primary to secondary school’ (with J. MacArthur & M. Gaffney). Funded by Marsden Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand. Completed 2006.
  • ‘Building Capability in Special Education for Students with Moderate to High Needs’ (with J. MacArthur & N. Higgins). Funded by the Ministry of Education New Zealand. Completed 2004.
  • ‘Meeting the needs of cross-community children and their families in Northern Ireland’ (with R. Sinclair). Funded by the Research and Development Office, N.I. and completed 2003.

Teaching interests

I am Programme Director for two routes to the Bachelor of Social Work Degree: the two year Relevant Graduate Route and the five year Part-time Route. My teaching interests are: childhood disability, disability studies and social work theory. I am currently the module coordinator for the ‘Theory, Skills and Preparation for Practice Learning’ module.


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Launch of new transitions research report

Don't Box Me In: Executive Summary 
Don't Box Me In: Full          

Dowling, S., Kelly, B. and Winter, K. (2013) Disabled Children and Young People who are Looked After: A Literature Review. Belfast: OFMDFM and Queen’s University Belfast.