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Christopher Whelan

photo of professor Christopher Whelan


I Joined the School of Sociology & Sociology Policy as a Professor of Sociology on 1 September. I was formerly. Head of the School of Sociology at University College Dublin.
I am currently an Emeritus Professor at UCD and a Senior Fellow at the Geary Institute.

I was formerly a Research Professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin. I acted as Chair of the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences of the European Science Foundation from 2002 to 2006 and of the Governing Council of the EU Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion (EQUALSOC) Network of Excellence from 2005-2009. I was Chair of the European Consortium for Sociological Research 2009 - August 2012.

My research interests include the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality, quality of life and social mobility and inequality of opportunity. I have published on these topics in leading international academic journals and have contributed as author and editor to a number of volumes dealing with economic and social change in Ireland. I am Member of the Royal Irish Academy, associate editor of the European Sociological Review and a member of the editorial board of Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. I took my primary degree in Psychology at UCD before taking an M.Sc in Sociology from LSE and a Ph.D in Sociology from the University of London. My research interests have evolved over time to cover industrial sociology, social stratification and social mobility, values, poverty and social exclusion and the life cycle.


Research Interests

I have been involved as Coordinator and Principal Investigator in a range of large scale national and European projects. 

My research agenda includes a range of  projects that include a comparative European analysis of economic vulnerability, a comparison of national and European approaches to poverty and social exclusion, measuring deprivation in the European Union, conceptualisation and measurement of multiple deprivation, understanding the impact of social origins on educational outcomes, the consequences of low pay, analysis of new and old social risks, multidimensional measurement of poverty and the role of the EU poverty target.
I am currently part a team of researchers led by Professor Brian Nolan, UCD, working on the FP project GINI (Growing Inequalities Impact) involving six European partners and a wide range of international associates.  I am also working with colleagues at the Economic on Social Research Institute, Dublin on a project funded by the Department of Social Protection relating to In Work Poverty in Ireland.

I have recently been involved as an Evaluator for the EU in relation to the European Social Survey mid-term review & application for European Research Infrastructure Consortium Status 

Recent Publications


Nolan, B, and Whelan, C.T. (2011) Poverty and Deprivation in Europe . Oxford : Oxford University Press.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Whelan, C. T. & Maître, B. (forthcoming), Material Deprivation, Economic Stress & Reference Groups: An Analysis of EU-SILC 2009, European Sociological Review

Pintelon, O., Cantillon, B., van den Bosch, K. and Whelan, C. T. (forthcoming), The Social Stratification of Social Risks: Class and Responsibility in the New Welfare State, Journal of European Social Policy

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