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Claire Hamilton

photo of Claire Hamilton

LL.B. (Ling. Franc.) (TCD);
M. Litt.;
Dip EurConv in Human Rights;
PG Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching;
Ph.D. (UCD)

Lecturer in Criminology
Room: 02.022, 6 College Park
Tel: ++442890975318

I became a full time academic in 2004 after practising as a barrister for a number of years. From 2004 to 2012 I lectured in law and criminology in Dublin Institute of Technology where I also acted as Programme Chair of the MA in Criminology. My current research interests relate to state punitiveness, in particular its measurement and primary determinants. My doctoral thesis was entitled ‘Reconceptualising Penality: An Examination of the New Punitiveness in Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand 1976 to 2006’. Drawing on empirical data gathered in the three jurisdictions, it argues that a much broader lens should be employed in measuring punitiveness such as adopting criteria which measure harshness at all stages of the criminal justice process. It also argues that a similar multilayered approach must be taken when examining the determinants of penal policies. I am currently working on publishing this research as a book which is due to appear as part of the Ashgate Advances in Criminology series in 2013. As part of my work on punitiveness, I am interested in developments impacting on the procedural rights of defendants incorporated under the broad umbrella of the presumption of innocence.

Students interested in undertaking postgraduate research in any of these areas should feel free to contact me to discuss their ideas further.


Development of Policing (Co-ordinator)
Contributing lecturer to: Introducing Criminology; Crime, Punishment and Penal Policy; Exploring Criminology; Youth, Crime and Criminal Justice.

Research Interests

State punitiveness; comparative criminal justice; the presumption of innocence; erosion of due process rights; sentencing.

Recent Publications

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