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Conference Presentations

Hayes, D. and Spratt, T. (2008). 'Persistent Patterns of Practice: The Social Work Response to Child Protection and Welfare Issues'.  Paper presented at: A Different Response Model: Refocusing Child Protection Towards Family Support, 22nd May, Dublin: Children Acts Advisory Board.

Hayes, D. (2008). 'Aspects of the Development of Family Group Conferences in Northern Ireland'.  Paper presented at: Family Group Conference Congress, 24th-25th April, Frankfurt am Main: Internationale Gesellschaft für erzieherische Hilfen / Fachhochschule Münster.

Hayes, D. and Spratt, T. (2008). 'Patterns of Child Protection and Child Welfare Practice'.  Paper presented at: What's New? Social Work Research at Queen's: Current Developments in Social Work Research in Northern Ireland, 19th March, Belfast: School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast.

Hayes, D. (2006). 'Re-balanced and Re-focused Social Work Practice?'  Paper presented at: The Impact of the Children Order (1995) – Ten Years On, Belfast: Child Care in Practice.

Hayes, D. (2005). 'Investigated or Supported? Parents' Experiences of Refocused Social Work Practice in the UK'.  Paper presented at: 15th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, 18th-23rd April, Boston: United States Department of Health and Human Services.