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George Wilson

Photo of George Wilson
George Wilson

BA(Hons), MSc. Advanced Social Work (With Distinction), PhD (Queen's University)
CQSW/Diploma in Social Work, Practice Teaching Award, Diploma in Training Management
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Lecturer in Social Work
Room 2.09, 3 College Park East
Ext: 1490; Email:

Following qualification as a social worker, I worked in the Downshire Psychiatric Hospital in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland where I had responsibility for acute admission wards and secure unit. In addition, I had experience of working alongside other disciplines in running a group psychotherapy programme for patients in the hospital's alcohol treatment unit. Following this I was employed as a senior social worker in Craigavon Area Hospital with responsibility for all medical wards. I also acted as an approved social worker in the hospital's psychiatric unit.  I then became team leader in South Belfast, initially in a generic team and then in a team responsible for providing a social work service to older people. Before coming to Queens I worked as an assistant principle social worker for twelve years in the Southern Health and Social Services Board Training Department as lead trainer in mental health. Throughout this period, I continued to be involved in practice through my participation in the Board's 'Out of Hours' Emergency Social Work Service.

My research interests include mental health social work and critical social work pedagogy. Funded research has included projects focusing on Approved Social Work practice (Department of Health and Social Services, Northern Ireland) Service User Experience of Supported Housing (Northern Ireland Mental Health Association), Service User Involvement in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (Social Care Institute for Excellence),  and various aspects of social work education (Higher Education Academy). I am interested in international comparative study of mental health social work and social work education and have completed cross-border studies in both these areas with colleagues in Trinity College Dublin. I am keen to support applications for postgraduate research in any of the above areas.


My main teaching interests include leadership and strategic thinking in social work, mental health and critically reflective practice. I am Programme Director for the postgraduate MSc Applied Social Studies Programme which incorporates a number of Pathways including Child Care, Mental Health and Systemic Practice. Within the MSc Programme I am Coordinator for the Leadership and Strategy Pathway. I am a member of the Assessment Panel of CORU, which is responsible for regulating health and social care professionals in the Republic of Ireland.  I am a member of the UK Joint Universities Learning and Teaching Committee (JUC –SWEC).

Recent Publications

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