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Joe Duffy

Photo of Joe Duffy

BA Honours in Social Work with Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (1985) University of Ulster
Certificate in Supervisory Management
CCETSW Northern Ireland Practice Teaching Award
Post Graduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education (PGCFHE) University of Ulster
Lecturer in Social Work
Ext: 5909;  Email:  Rm 1.15

For over twenty years I have worked as a practitioner and manager in various social work and higher education settings. My research interests are in the following areas.

  • Service User and Carer involvement in social work education and public services
  • human rights, children’s rights, decision making and social welfare interventions
  • older people and the law
  • Bullying in the primary and post-primary school sectors
  • Cultural diversity, community relations and young people
  • Social work and political conflict
  • The interface between mental ill-health and child care

The themes of citizenship, involvement and social inclusion inform much of my research activity. I have also published and co-authored works in the areas of human rights and decision making and have developed good practice guidance in the involvement of service users and carers for both undergraduate and post-qualifying social work education in Northern Ireland. My current research interests are around user involvement in social work education and public services. I have developed training materials to support citizens in their role as social work educators in Northern Ireland and have also written a NIPQETP accredited Masters Module in Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland on behalf of the DHSSPS, the first cohort of students completing this in 2009.  I am also interested in the contribution that service users and carers can make to help inform social work students about the impact of political conflict and have published papers in this area, presented at international conferences and have co-worked with an international team of academics on an IASSW funded project led by Professor Shula Ramon, Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, examining the role of social work in political conflict.

I was also Principal Investigator in a team consisting of academic staff and service user and carer researchers investigating user involvement in health and social care in Northern Ireland. The subsequent publication Looking out from the Middle makes recommendations around options for the inclusion of citizens in the work of the three commissioning organisations (SCIE, RQIA and NISCC) and has helped inform a broader strategy for user involvement in Northern Ireland.

I am also interested in the interface between education and social work and as a development of this have been involved in co-authoring government funded research into the nature and extent of bullying among primary and post-primary school children in Northern Ireland.

I am a member of the Identity, Culture and Lifestyles Research Cluster in the School.

Teaching Interests

Since coming to Queen’s in 2006 I have been Module Coordinator for Law for Social Workers on both the Undergraduate and Relevant Graduate Social Work programmes. In addition, I coordinate the PPI Module in the Strategy and Leadership Pathway of the Masters in Applied Social Studies. I also coordinate the Queen’s Service User and Carer Group which meets bi-monthly and contributes to teaching and research across the School.

Recent Publications

Campbell, J., Duffy, J., Traynor, C., Coulter, S., Reilly, I and Pinkerton, J. (In press) Social work education and political conflict: preparing students to address the needs of victims and survivors of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. European Journal of Social Work.

Duffy, J (2012) Service user involvement in teaching about conflict – an exploration of the issues. International Social Work (Special Edition on Social Work and Armed Conflict).Volume 55 Issue 5 pp. 720 - 739.

Duffy, J., Ramon, S., Guru, S., Cemlyn, S., Lindsay, J and Nuttman-Shwartz (in press). Developing a social work curriculum on political conflict – Findings from an IASSW funded project. European Journal of Social Work.

Coulter, S., Campbell, J., Duffy, J. and Reilly, I. (forthcoming 2012) Enabling social work students to deal with the consequences of political conflict: Engaging with victim/survivor service users and a ‘pedagogy of discomfort’, Social Work Education - The International Journal

Duffy, J., Basu, S. and Pearson, K. (forthcoming 2012) Older people and legal advice - the need for joined up and creative approaches. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law

Duffy, J.,Das, C. & Davidson, G (Forthcoming, 2012): Service User and Carer Involvement in Role-plays to Assess Readiness for Practice, Social Work Education - The International Journal
Duffy, J. and Hayes, D. (Forthcoming 2012) Social Work Students Learn About Social Work Values from Service Users and Carers, Ethics and Social Welfare

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Duffy, J (2002) Cultural Diversity - A Good Practice Guide for the Further Education Sector in Northern Ireland published by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL, 2003) as a Working Document to assist the Further Education sector in Northern Ireland in the promotion of 'Good Relations'.